To Have and to Hold…a Pencil - Kumon

To Have and to Hold…a Pencil

The Kumon Program has recently added a new level that can help children become more enthusiastic about learning. Through the use of Kumon’s new Level Z, students learn how to hold and use a pencil and develop their pencil skills.

In an ever-growing digital world, are skills like handwriting becoming obsolete? Recent studies suggest that the answer is “no.” In a 2012 study, The effects of handwriting experience on functional brain development in pre-literate children, psychologists used functional MRIs to gauge the amount of brain activity triggered when children were shown letters and instructed to type the letter on a computer, trace it, or write it freehand on a blank piece of paper. Only the children who had drawn the letter freehand displayed increased neural activity when shown the letter again, implying comprehension and retention of the information.

Handwriting is an important part of completing the Kumon worksheets. For students to begin learning their letters and numbers and writing them correctly, proper pencil grip and a certain level of pencil skills are needed.  Level Z can help students develop pencil skills through the practice of scribbling and drawing lines, curves, and angles in a fun, colorful, and engaging way. In combination with other activities that advance motor skill development, Level Z will prepare students to write their letters and numbers for the first time with excitement and confidence.