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Unlocking the Power of the Kumon Program in Your Student

Toru Kumon, founder of the Kumon Program, believed that all children have limitless potential. He said, “It is our wish that as many children as possible have the opportunity to develop their potential. We want to see all children grow to the limit of their capabilities.” Over the past fifty years, the same sentiment is exhibited by millions of Kumon Students who have succeeded in unlocking their potential. From students looking to accelerate their studies beyond  grade level to students looking to improve their math and reading skills, the Kumon Program is designed to help all children achieve their long-term goals.

One of the key reasons why the Kumon Program has been successful for millions of students is its focus on step-by-step learning. Kumon Worksheets are designed to allow students to gradually progress through the program. Once students have demonstrated a complete understanding of topics with which they are familiar, they  learn how to solve increasingly difficult concepts that had never been previously encountered.  In doing so, they build their critical thinking skills by learning how to solve these problems independently. Since the Kumon Program is customized based on a student’s own progress, each student advances only after he or she has fully grasped each concept. As a result, each student is given the opportunity to develop his or her potential by becoming the best student that he or she can be.


Since students directly control their progress within the Kumon Program, they  have the opportunity to set their own goals and even challenge themselves to exceed  them. The focus on individualized study also gives students additional practice  on concepts with which they have difficulty. Unlike traditional learning and studying methods, students can spend additional time reviewing difficult concepts until they have developed a deep understanding of how to solve those problems. This process allows students to learn how to  solve challenging problems and provides students with increased confidence in their abilities after learning how to tackle difficult concepts. As Sergio, a Kumon Student from Middletown, NJ said, “Kumon builds a strong foundation for higher studies. A foundation is imperative for the rest of the house to be stable. To me, Kumon worksheets are not work; they are challenging puzzles to be solved.”


Please contact your  local Kumon Center for more information about how the Kumon Program can help unlock your child’s potential.