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Valuable Lessons Your Children Can Learn from Fairy Tales

Fairy tales and fables are much more than simple stories to entertain and amuse your children. Although these fantastical stories are important for fostering children’s imagination and creativity, many also contain valuable lessons that can offer unique learning opportunities. We have compiled a number of lessons from popular fairy tales to help you and your children uncover the valuable lesson in your own favorite fairy tale.

  • Cinderella

The story of Cinderella can remind children to act appropriately even when surrounded by bad behavior. Cinderella was often treated unfairly and unkindly by those around her, but her decision to remain kind and thoughtful was eventually rewarded.

  • Rapunzel

Reading Rapunzel to your children can help them think outside the box for a solution to a problem. Your children may already have all the tools that they need to succeed, just like Rapunzel.

  • Chicken Little

Reading The Story of Chicken Little can help teach your children the importance of becoming a critical thinker as well as helping them make decisions based on reliable sources. In this tale, Chicken Little and her farmyard friends did not do either and they paid a high price for believing flawed evidence and information.

  • The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid can help encourage your children to try new things and venture outside their comfort zone every once in a while. Although trying something new can be scary, it can also be very rewarding. After reading this story, your children might be surprised by what they are able to accomplish.

  • Little Red Riding Hood 

In Little Red Riding Hood, your children can learn the importance of being careful whom to trust, as well as to think critically. Although the young girl featured in this tale was initially fooled by the wolf, she was eventually able to deduce that her “grandmother” was not at all who she appeared to be at first.

  • The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs can teach your children the importance of building upon a solid foundation, such for their education with Kumon Math and Reading programs. In this tale, the pigs with the home made of bricks ended up outsmarting the hungry wolf. This is similar to how students with a strong foundation in math and reading can have an advantage in their overall academic careers.

Which of these fairy tales have you shared with your children? What lessons can they teach your children?