Victoria, 8: Instructor, Leizelle Paiso - Kumon

Victoria, 8: Instructor, Leizelle Paiso

November 7, 2011 ~

Eight-year-old Victoria now recognizes that her hard work at Kumon pays off. When she first began attending Kumon of Burlingame, California Victoria didn’t see the benefit of the program she quit after two years. Kumon just became too hard as she tried to juggle school homework, girls’ chorus competitive ballet classes, and Kumon.

“It was difficult for Victoria to make time to do Kumon every day,” said her father, Watson. “I think she just burned out.”
Victoria’s stamina was given a kick start in August, when she received the results of her STAR test, California’s standardized test for elementary school students. Victoria received a perfect score.
“I was so surprised,” said Victoria. “I didn’t think I would get a perfect score.”
Victoria immediately gained confidence in her academic ability. She attributed her perfect test results to her studies at Kumon and made the decision to re-enroll in September.
“I am so proud of Victoria’s achievement!” said Leizelle Paiso, her Kumon Instructor. “I am thrilled Victoria experienced the value in Kumon, and despite her busy schedule, she has decided to make it a priority.”
Victoria’s father is also pleased that his daughter has returned to Kumon. “I have always believed Kumon helped Victoria get ahead,” said Watson. “Now, I know she has gained confidence as well as proficiency in her academics.”
Victoria, currently a fourth grader at Hillsborough West Elementary, has resumed her busy academic and extracurricular schedule, but this time around, she has a renewed determination to include Kumon in her roster of daily activities.
When asked what motivates her to continue with Kumon this year, Victoria answers simply, “I want to get a perfect score next year, too!”