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What Can You Do to Help Your Child Succeed at School?

Recent studies from the National Education Longitudinal Study have shown that students are more likely to succeed if their parents are more involved in their education. When parents are engaged with their children’s academic achievements, students are more likely to recognize the importance of education.

Dr. Toby Parcel, co-author of the study and professor of sociology at North Carolina State University states, “The effort that parents are putting in at home in terms of checking homework, reinforcing the importance of school, and stressing the importance of academic achievement is ultimately very important to their children’s academic achievements.”

Below we have compiled a list of quick tips for parents to help support their children’s academic growth:

  • Set aside time to talk each day to your children about school, classes, and homework – before bed, during dinner, or a time that works with your family routine- but away from the distractions of TV, video games, and the computer
  • Make sure your children keep on top of their classwork and homework by doing a daily check-in on their assignments and setting up an area and time for them to do their work
  • Regularly communicate with teachers about your child’s progress and attend parent-teacher conferences: you’ll be able to address problems before they progress, and will be aware of your child’s successes to celebrate and encourage them at home
  • Participate in school programs, events, and activities to be part of the parent/teacher network: join the PTA, organize classroom or school-wide bake sales and fundraisers, or volunteer to chaperone classroom field trips