What Does Kumon’s Lifestyle Approach Teach Your Student?

What Does Kumon’s Lifestyle Approach Teach Your Student?

Today’s students are juggling more at earlier ages than ever before. There is immense pressure to not only make great grades but also stay active in extracurricular activities. They are also logging volunteer hours as they begin to build their resumes. This is during high school and even college while still very young.

The Kumon Program fits perfectly into a student’s busy lifestyle and helps them prepare for the future. It accomplishes this by teaching them to carve out time for what’s important and become independent learners. And because Kumon Worksheets are timed, students learn to complete schoolwork accurately and faster, which leaves them more time for extracurricular activities.

How does Kumon teach time management?

Everything about the Kumon Program is built for kids on the go. The signature worksheets fit into the Kumon pouches, which can be tucked into a backpack or gym bag. Worksheets do not require a computer or wi-fi, so kids who have a different kind of lesson or practice session every night of the week can tackle their daily Kumon practice anywhere, including at the soccer field, by the pool or in the car. By enabling kids to fit more activities into their day or week, parents are teaching their children how to manage their time and prioritize tasks. 

One life lesson that Kumon teaches kids is that you can always find time to do the most important things. Almost all parents agree that their children’s education is a top priority – and yet some may tell themselves they don’t have two evenings a week for Kumon. Kumon Parents find balance by scheduling time for Kumon just like they book time for soccer practice or piano lessons.

How does Kumon teach independent learning?

The Kumon Philosophy strongly emphasizes the importance of becoming an independent learner. This is a trait that serves kids well during their academic career and in life. It’s not easy for a student to read and understand a complicated text or work a math problem they’ve never seen before, but Kumon empowers students to do just that.

Kumon Students work through such academic challenges independently by drawing on a solid foundation. The math and reading skills that they have already mastered empower students to work advanced problems and process complicated passages. Kumon also gives students the confidence to tackle more difficult concepts in high school or college. This enables them to solve problems in the workplace later in life.

How does Kumon teach kids to work faster?

Kumon students not only are expected to complete worksheets perfectly. The goal is to score 100% every time, but also to complete them on time. Students who need more time to finish a particular math worksheet will keep working on it until they can complete the set of problems within a specific time frame. That teaches two important lessons: Your work must be right, and it must be done on time.

Kumon students learn to complete their worksheets quickly. This helps them use their time efficiently for schoolwork, freeing up more time for extracurricular activities.

Kumon promotes a more holistic lifestyle approach to academics that helps to prepare students for high school, college and life in general. By teaching time management and prioritization, encouraging self-learning and pushing students to finish their work at a quicker pace, Kumon is fostering life skills that set kids up for a successful academic career and much more.