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What Skills Do Your Children Need in Kindergarten?

Preparing your preschooler for kindergarten is a huge responsibility. The first step is to begin researching schools in your local area. Although many schools accept students based on age, your children’s readiness for kindergarten depends on the level of social, perceptual, motor, and language development expected by the teacher. Some of those skills include the ability to work independently, to identify sounds and letters, and to strengthen fine motor skills, such as the ability to hold a crayon, pencil, or paintbrush.

Based on research and surveys by kindergarten teachers, Nancy McEntire was able to develop a Kindergarten Readiness Checklist to identify the skills that teachers look for in incoming Kindergarten students.

This checklist is broken into broad areas that include social, motor, and knowledge skills.

Social Skills

Many Kindergarten teachers agreed that the ability to function within a cooperative learning environment where the child works both independently and as a member of small and large groups as a vital skill. In addition, students are expected to work on and complete tasks, follow two- and three-step directions, take turns sharing, caring for personal needs, and following rules.

Motor Skills

Kindergarteners are also expected to have mastered many large muscle skills such as walking, running and climbing. Their fine motor skills, such as using pencils and scissors, should improve as well. Some teachers expect children to be able print their names, others expect children to be able to identify it if it were written out.

Knowledge Skills

Many teachers expect children to be able to name colors, shapes, sizes, and to organize objects into groups upon entering kindergarten. In addition, teachers might expect prospective students to recognize rhyming sounds, trace basic shapes, and retell a simple story in their own words.

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