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Why Third Grade is Important in Your Child’s Education

Why is third grade so important to your child’s educational development? To start, third grade is the transitional year when your child moves from learning to read – using their knowledge of the alphabet to identifying words – to reading to learn or using books as a source of information.

Prior to third grade, your child’s education primarily focused on teaching him or her basics such as how to identify shapes, symbols and letters as well as how to read and write. However, from third grade forward, students are expected to build on that foundation by applying skills to learn about increasingly difficult subjects – from the solar system to Native Americans to biology and calculus. In that sense, third grade is, as Donald J. Hernandez, a professor at CUNY-Hunter College writes “a pivot point,” and a critical period in students’ educational development.

Children who are unable to successfully transition to fast and fluent reading develop a learning gap among their peers that continues to grow. Third grade struggles will lead to increasing difficulties in 4th and 5th graders where assignments continue to rely upon knowledge acquired from this transitional period. In fact, a study conducted last year by Hernandez and the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that third graders who lack proficiency in reading were more likely to become high school dropouts.

Recognizing the importance of this juncture in your child’s education is essential. It is just as important as identifying if your child is not meeting the expected learning milestones in third grade. One way to ensure that a child meets educational goals is to develop an individualized learning plan for that student with help from Kumon Math and Reading Programs. Not only will our instructors create a lesson plan tailored towards your child’s own needs and abilities, but they will also allow your child to develop at his or her own pace. This allows your child to build on skills until they are successfully mastered and he or she is advancing beyond grade level.

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