You - Your Child's No. 1 Teacher - Kumon

You – Your Child's No. 1 Teacher

Education does not begin and end when the child passes through the classroom door. Healthy study habits are formed and reinforced at home with parents at the helm.

An active and engaged parent is a teacher’s greatest ally for student development. As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, in addition to celebrating educators, we also want to honor a child’s first teacher– you. So much of the knowledge and learning that shapes our children’s brains and forms them into intelligent, well-adjusted adults begins at home. A loving parent or caregiver reinforces the value of learning and creates an environment where daily home study is valued and expected.

Home study is an important part of Kumon. Students can learn self-reliance, confidence and learn the value of perseverance.  By setting aside time every day to focus on homework assignments or daily Kumon worksheets, a child learns the value of discipline. Encourage your child to problem-solve on their own. Demonstrate that you care by checking their work and offering assistance when needed. If you don’t understand the material, talk with teacher or Instructor to work through the lesson and create solutions together.

Regular communication with your child’s teacher is vital to building a community of learning for children. Check in with your child’s teacher or Kumon Instructor regularly to make sure you understand the lesson plan and how you can help. If your child is enrolled at Kumon and is moving on to the next level, take the time to read the level summaries that outline the goals of the next level.  The level summaries outline helpful hints for parents to support their child at home, as well as additional hints for success. Ask your instructor questions about the next level so you can better assist your child at home.

As we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week in April, don’t forget, that as a parent or caregiver you are your child’s first teacher, and the one they’ll turn to as a model for the rest of their life. Make a commitment early on to support your child by establishing a home routine that advocates learning for life.