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Young Athlete Builds A Consistent Routine for Success in and out of the Classroom

Arman, 9-years-old, Math Level L & Reading Level I II

In Arman’s world, there’s no time to back down from any challenge. Whether it’s in the pool improving his time or sharpening his skills on the tennis court, Arman is filled with energy to persevere towards reaching his goals. While he is inspired by many great athletes that have paved the way for sports today, his biggest inspiration is himself.

“My biggest inspiration is myself and I always focus on what needs to be done even when if it’s challenging. I do not give up on anything I am doing,” said Arman.  “I put the same amount of effort and hard work into my academics as I do in my extra-curricular activities.” 

For Arman, the routine and consistency of Kumon has provided him with a foundation to build good habits. Before school, he wakes up extra early to hit the pool and swim laps to improve on his stroke techniques. Afterwards, you will find him on the tennis court running drills on his own to practice his serves, slices, and overheads. He doesn’t stop there. Arman’s tenacity is followed through when he’s working on his Kumon Worksheets and learning new concepts in school.

It’s safe to say that Kumon Students around the world like Arman continue to achieve greatness and will always strive to do their best. The confidence that students gain on their Kumon journey often stretches beyond the classroom and helps them excel in their extracurricular activities.

“I enjoy setting goals for myself.  I work hard each day, and I have developed time management skills that allow me to enjoy my sports and academics. I inspire and motivate myself by setting goals as well as going that extra mile,” said Arman.

“I do a little extra on my own to set myself apart from others as I enjoy learning the skill sets. I go to school, Kumon, swimming, and tennis for the purpose of learning new skill sets and to be a better version of myself than I was the day before.”    

Arman’s daily practice has paid off in more ways than one. He has set records on the PAY Swim Team in 50 backstroke, 50 butterfly, and 100 breaststroke. Arman even made the cut for the Mid-Atlantic Winter Junior Olympics for the 100 butterfly.

This past summer, Arman was one of 155 students from Canada, USA and Mexico who attended the Virtual Kumon Student Conference. The students had the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by Kumon Ambassadors, former top Kumon Students who are now excelling in their careers and extracurricular pursuits.  They also met each other in virtual breakout rooms and engaged in a discussion about methods of teaching.

“The Student Conference was a once in lifetime experience and incredibly fun. My favorite part was going into the breakout rooms to learn little more about each participant who were also swimmers like me!” said Arman.

Arman shares with us his advice for kids just starting Kumon and reveals the key to staying motivated.

What do you enjoy most about Kumon?

I enjoy learning new concepts and reading passages from many different books, as well as making the progress of moving from one level to the next.

What advice would you give to kids just starting Kumon?

Yes, each level can be challenging, but your hard work will pay off.  Stay positive and remember you are doing it to better yourself. Never, never, never give up and always be kind.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be an engineer, a swimmer, tennis player, or even go into Sports Medicine!

How do you continue to stay motivated in Kumon even when work becomes challenging?

I stay motivated by remembering my goals and how much effort it takes to reach them.  When I am busy, I motivate myself by saying, “If I finish this, I might reach my goal and I can do other activities.” This has worked for me ever since I enrolled in Kumon. I like to stay positive and I like to keep myself motivated in school, in the pool, on the court and at Kumon.  I know that my hard work always brings me to my goals.

How has Kumon helped you academically?

Kumon has helped me gain confidence in myself and now I am always prepared to take a pop quiz, tests, final exams, and standardized tests.

What’s the most beneficial thing you’ve learned in Kumon thus far?

Kumon has taught me to turn my failures into learning experiences. Kumon has also taught me that once you achieve a goal you should set up new goals to reach.

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