Young Visionary Aims to Empower Others Along the Way

Young Visionary Aims to Empower Others Along the Way

Andy, Math Level H, Reading Level L


He may only be a decade old, but Andy has already accomplished so much. He’s traveled to 15 countries and 27 states, started a math club at school, and even completed his first triathlon in 2019.


Andy’s passion for traveling and learning has allowed him to experience unique cultures, rich history, local customs, and authentic foods from around the world. He uses his camera everywhere he goes to capture what he sees and what he learns.  

Although Andy is motivated by self-growth and learning, he feels most inspired when he is fulfilling his purpose of helping others to also grow and learn. His desire to empower others has led Andy to come together with his best friend Dave to start a math club at school.


“So far we have about ten people that joined,” said Andy. “I’ve shared with them the mathematical techniques that I’ve learned in Kumon. We usually meet four times a week during our lunch break and discuss math-related questions.”


Fueled by praise and support from their teacher, Andy and Dave are already working on their next project – designing a game for their class.


Andy attributes much of his perseverance to his time at Kumon. He’s encountered many struggles on his Kumon journey, but his parents and Kumon Instructor were always in his corner cheering him on.

“I enjoy those Kumon challenges that teach me how to work hard to get over them and build up my strength,” said Andy. “That makes me become a better learner and develop a strong ability to help other people and the community.”


Many of the lessons that Andy learned at Kumon translated outside of the classroom when it came time to prepare for his first ever triathlon. It was not an easy quest, and Andy knew that swimming would be his biggest challenge. He set aside time to practice and perfect his swimming skills just as he would with his Kumon worksheets. Andy was able to successfully complete his first ever triathlon in 2019.


Andy confronts any opportunity or challenge in the same way. Win or lose, he feels comfortable knowing that his experiences are molding him into a wiser and more knowledgeable individual.


For these reasons, it was only right that Andy was one of 56 students selected to attend Kumon’s 3rd Annual Student conference.


Take some time to get to know Andy, his accomplishments, and future endeavors below:


How has Kumon helped you outside of the classroom?

Kumon not only helps me advance my academic skills, but also my lifelong learning skills. I’ve learned so much about commitment, persistence, and patience. These qualities make me realize that if I keep moving forward with my goal, I will eventually achieve it. For instance, I like playing and solving Rubik’s cubes. So far, I’ve collected over 60 different cubes. I can solve about 15 of them. Solving my first Rubik’s cube was definitely a challenge and very hard, but I spent 3 days trying and eventually solved it. After that, when I solve various hard Rubik’s cubes, I patiently go through to learn step by step and try many different ways. I really enjoy the  challenges.


What achievements are you most proud of?

I got all A’s in elementary school so far. From 1st grade to 4th grade, I’ve got the Principal 200 Award four times in a row. This award is only for the top 200 students in the entire school. Some other achievements that I feel proud of are earning third place in the regional category for Destination Imagination Competition, showcasing my piano skills at the school’s talent show for three consecutive years, and completing my first-ever children’s triathlon in 2019.


What do you think of Kumon’s method of thinking for oneself?

I think Kumon’s method is great because it is very effective. The self-learning skills and good study habits makes a huge impact on my school grades and other subjects that I’ve learned as well. In addition, the Kumon Method introduces new concepts step by step, which lets me digest the concepts easily before moving on to the next one.


Since you are studying three years above grade level, how do you stay motivated in continuing with Kumon when the material feels challenging or you are very busy?

Although I have been studying Kumon for more than six years and have experienced some difficulties and tough moments, I found out that I got so many benefits from Kumon practice. I stay motivated and keep my interest in learning simply because I became very strong in math and reading and realized how much I can help others by using my academic skills that have been built there. My parents and Kumon Instructor also support me a lot while doing Kumon.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be an eye doctor when I grow up because many people nowadays are using smart phones, tablets, and computers so much, which will potentially cause a lot of problems on our eyes. In ophthalmic treatment, more and more high-tech machines and skills are required these days, so I need to learn and master high technologies in the medical field so that I can be able to help my patients the best I can.


Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration is Elon Musk. He has a great imagination and was the leader in the implementation of the 17-inch touch screen in a Tesla car.  He’s faced many challenges including the initial failed launches of  SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. However, when Elon Musk is going towards goals, he never gives up. He puts a lot of effort, money, and creativeness into making his vision come to life.


Any other information you’d like to share about yourself or your Kumon experience?

If you start Kumon, you must make Kumon a part of your daily life, just like eating and sleeping is part of your schedule every day. Kumon homework is something that you need to complete every day. Even when there are struggles and challenges, it’s important to always do your best and never give up. Success will come towards you.