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You’re Invited: Kumon Open House to Support Literacy

February 27, 2012 ~

Reading is a skill that truly enables people to navigate daily life while also empowering personal growth, learning and imagination. Opening a book, smelling the pages and feeling the texture in hand, getting lost in a story and learning to see the world with new eyes are just some of the many joys of reading. Even beyond the printed page, reading has opened up our digital world, from smart phones to e-readers.  Without the ability to read, day-to-day life becomes a struggle. Literacy is a paramount concern for the well-being of people and the communities where they live. Dedicated to helping children develop a love of reading, Kumon is teaming up with the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States, Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), to promote the value of children’s literacy nationwide.
On Saturday, March 3, Kumon Centers across the United States will host a Literacy Open House, featuring readings from Kumon’s Recommended Reading List, which covers a range of acclaimed literary works with selections for readers of all ages. At certain centers, there will also be a book drive* to gather books to support RIF and children in need. Additionally, Kumon will be donating at least $50,000 to RIF. You can help raise that figure up to $75,000 by enrolling your child in Kumon during March. For every enrollment in the month of March, Kumon will make an additional $10 donation to RIF supporting the vision of providing all children with access to books and helping them discover the joy and value of reading.
According to the RIF website, “Nearly two-thirds of low-income families in the U.S. own no books.” With little or no access to reading materials outside the classroom, children have difficulty developing reading skills at an appropriate pace. Once students are behind in reading skills, keeping up in other subjects becomes increasingly difficult, and children stop enjoying school and the process of learning.
Furthermore, RIF states that low-income Hispanic and African-American students are at a greater risk of falling behind in reading than their white peers, being an average of three years behind by fourth grade. The most effective way to prevent achievement gaps is to educate early. Parents are a child’s greatest resource, but when a parent or guardian is unavailable or unable to read aloud to a child as he or she grows, programs such as those developed by RIF help out. When children develop a love of reading, they often perform better in other subjects such as math and science. The benefit couldn’t be clearer: Literacy is a fundamental right of life.
As a Kumon Student, your child has access to resources that will provide a strong foundation for success. Help another child find the same success by joining us in our efforts to support childhood literacy and bringing a donation of books to our Literacy Open House on March 3. Your donation could truly change a child’s life. Bring friends and family to a center near you to enroll and start making a difference.
To find a Kumon Center near you, visit:
*Only select Kumon Centers are participating in the book drive. Please call ahead to find out if your local center is participating.