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About the Instructor


Arathi Kumar- Director/Instructor

My passion to work with children began very early in life. I am the oldest child in the family, taking care of my siblings and cousins helped me develop a great deal of interest in learning about Child development and their understanding. 

I grew up in a large family with many family members including aunts, uncles and younger cousins under one roof. I was blessed with opportunities to develop many skills over time. My sister who was born with a brittle bone disease had to be cared for at home by our family members. Caring for her helped me be sensitive to the needs of others. 

With my exposure to a unique lifestyle, it was very natural for me to study Child Psychology and Education in college. Upon my migration to the USA in 1987, I worked with emotionally, physically and sexually abused children in California before moving to Austin, Texas. In Texas, I worked for the State department for a few years until I was introduced to Kumon by a new neighbor! Learning about Kumon and its methodology was through my son as a Kumon parent. My deeper understanding of the program led me to become an instructor.  

I have over 32 years of teaching experience, and have been an instructor since 1999. I am a big advocate for hard work and discipline. I truly believe that with proper training, guidance and encouragement, all kids can achieve and accomplish more. The discipline and perseverance go a long way in their young lives. 

I also believe that the child has to feel the 'need' to succeed, this can be established with periodic meetings and setting reasonable goals that the student can achieve on his or her own. Our center staff and parents work cohesively to help students realize their true potential.

Biography and Background

Arathi Kumar, Instructor & Owner


I am Arathi Kumar, born and raised in Bangalore, India.  I am the oldest of 3 siblings. My sister runs a reputed Montessori school in my home town, Bangalore.  I come from a family of professionals; my father, an engineer and an industrialist, has always been my mentor and my hero! My grandfather was a well known criminal attorney in Karnataka, India. My great grandfather was a Doctor with specialized degrees from British Universities, prior to Indian Independence.  We are a very determined bunch!  My family in India runs a charitable school providing free education and meals for over 1000 students every day!  

I graduated from Bangalore University with a Bachelor's degree in Child Psychology and Education. I pursued a Master's course in the same area of studies at San Jose State University, CA.  However, due to limited financial resources that many new immigrants face, I was forced to discontinue my studies. I have experience working in my father's industry as a welder, accounts and communication manager.  I have a diploma in Hotel management and Catering Technology from Bangalore as well.

My life as a Kumon instructor is very rewarding and, at the same time, very responsible.  It is a unique opportunity to get into a child's thinking process and guide them to solve problems by being a good support!

I find myself learning with every student experience. As I continue to mentor and guide, I learn more about human capabilities and the drive to achieve remarkable success.  I have learned that every student need is unique and different.  This understanding helps me to make better observations of my students and help them progress at their own pace.  I am very proud of my students and their accomplishments!  My staff is an extension of me, they have been trained to observe and give feedback so together we can be a stronger support for all our students.  

I am very goal-oriented and try my best to help students understand their goals.  I always remember that there are time limits for everything, accomplishing most in that given time gives students the sense of how big their accomplishments are and sometimes it could be beyond their wildest imaginations! (Larger accomplishment beyond their wildest expectations!) I feel very fortunate to be involved in creating a new generation of self motivated, independent accomplishers!

Our center has been in operation since 1999.  We started out in a small church and moved to many other small retail shopping suites before our beautiful current location.  Before Kumon, I worked at a school for emotionally disturbed and abused children.  My experiences at the school helping students re-adjust to the society was rewarding.

Previously, I was encouraged to pursue a career in software applications and development.  My interest in children and their development was far greater than pursuing a profitable career in software.  I learned about Kumon at first as a parent, I saw my son making gradual progress towards mastery I knew I had found my passion. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have everyday to make a positive impact on the community that has been a home for my family.
I look forward to meeting with you soon!