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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


May - Math Program Completer - Leland High School

May Nguyen

It took me almost three hours to finish my very first packet of Kumon. This was mostly because I spent more time complaining instead of completing the addition problems, but as a kindergartener, I of course questioned why I was doing math outside of school. Now, as a senior in high school and an employee at Kumon Almaden, I realize how I have been able to reap so many benefits from participating in and finishing the Kumon Math program.

I credit Kumon with helping me become an independent, persevering individual with a strong math foundation. Any math that has come my way — whether it be reducing fractions, finding the slope of a line, or solving differential equations — has been a breeze because Kumon not only introduced the skills to me but also ensured that I would be confident doing such problems. Additionally, since Kumon is an independent study program, I have learned to try to find the answers myself first as opposed to waiting to be given answers.

Ultimately, what motivated me to finish the Kumon program was how close I was to finishing. I wanted to give up numerous times, but I thought of it the same way as I did with math problems: you can’t give up simply because it’s difficult. With Ms. Ruby’s constant support and straightforward plan for me, the path to finishing was clear and straightforward. Ms. Ruby knew what had to be done for me to finish; I just needed to follow that plan.

Riley - Pre-K


"Riley has grown significantly over the past six months with her participation in the reading and math programs at Kumon of Almaden. Her love for reading has grown even more and she is now working on writing and illustrating her own stories in her transitional kindergarten class at school.

We've seen her challenges and frustrations with math turn into patience and ease and an increase in self confidence. We look forward to seeing her continued progress in the program." Denise - Mother

Atharv's story - 3rd grade student studying level E (4th grade math)


"Parents get to measure daily progress that the student is making, which in most part is not possible from regular school structure. The biggest bonus for us is that this program also brings in regularity and discipline of doing assignments on a daily basis, which is a hard habit to form."

 Amber & Mona  (parents)

Atharv: "Level D Kumon is so much fun as it has division, multiplication and fractions, all of which I love to do. I am used to doing one packet of Kumon at home everyday."

Ariana - I already know how to do it from Kumon.


"I am a Kumon student since I was 5 years old. I have learned something new in each level in math and reading. For example, I learned about themes and new vocabulary; and while in math I learned to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. Easy Kumon work takes me 30 minutes or less and if it's hard, it's about 30 - 40 minutes daily.  I know I could do better at finishing my Kumon quicker and I am always trying to do better at that.

Kumon helps me be smarter so that if I ever start anything new in school I already know how to do it and that makes me more advanced than my friends.  Kumon also helps me keep my grades up, even my classmates ask me for help on their homework!"

I like Kumon...


"...because it makes me learn in a fun and easy way.  I enjoy it because it makes me smarter.  Mrs Ruby teaches me nicely and always makes me feel proud.  Also, people working there are very helpful and I can't wait to go to Kumon!"

We are sending our daughter Mimansha to Kumon for Math and Reading since she was 5 years old because:

  1. Kumon is engaging her with learning the basic math and English skills.
  2. Kumon gives her the opportunity to practice and reinforce the skills that she has acquired at Kumon and her school.
  3. Kumon is not only increasing her English vocabulary but also encouraging her to do mental math.
  4. Kumon is helping Mimansha to become responsible, acquire time management skills and develop study habits.
  5. Kumon has helped us (the parents) to cut the TV time for our daughter.

I have a 102% in class!

"Kumon has helped me a lot.  School math is really easy.  Because of Kumon I have a 102% in my class and have gotten perfect scores on all my tests so far.  Kumon brings me more advanced math."

Betty - grade 8 (enrolled since grade 3)

Theoni's Kumon journey..


Dear Mrs Ruby,

Kumon has helped me so much!  I am now in 6th grade and I started Kumon math in 2nd grade.  I went from adding single digit numbers to evaluating algebraic expressions.  I am so grateful that my parents chose for me to come to Kumon.  
We do math in everyday life.  Soon everybody won't just think of math as math problems, but as real-world situations.  
I know some people who did Kumon but gave up because it is too hard.  I didn't, and I am glad.


Best investment I have ever made

"I am very happy with the results my daughter had with Kumon.  It was the best investment I have ever made. My only regret was not getting her started sooner.  I have recommended it to my family members and friends."

Jeanie - Andrea's mother (grade 8 - during exit interview)

Math Program Completer

"I'm done!  Wow!  My level O Achievement Test Certificate is already up on Instagram for everyone to envy! Can't wait for my trophy! ....I'm going to miss my Kumon home of so many years!"

Ramya - 12th grade 
Math Program Completer

Aaron, a Platinum Honor Roll Student - Level I (Algebra 1)

Aaron's thoughts on Kumon..

"Thank you again, Ms. Vaswani. I am happy to be at your center, to be your student, and to be in the Kumon Program".

Hello Ms. Vaswani,

Attached is my math teacher’s recommendation letter for me to be a peer tutor in pre-algebra.

This is exciting because I am the youngest and still have a chance to be a tutor!

This wouldn’t be possible without you and Kumon! Thank you!

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.

Aaron (email dated Sept 27, 2019)

Drive With Perseverance By Aaron - 3rd grade (skipped 2nd grade in 2017-2018 school year)
 This essay won 1st prize and was broadcasted on radio in May 2018.

 "You need perseverance to pass a big obstacle or get over a mountain. You also need perseverance to get past all the daily challenges to your progress and goals. Like a race car driver, I have to overtake many things that can get in the way of my daily Kumon and doing my best.

 It’s much easier for me to be persistent when I have decided to pursue a clear goal. Level J by the sixth grade is a clear and reachable goal for me. Everyone should have goals that are fit for them. The course to reaching my goal is to finish my daily Kumon pages. My Kumon Center makes sure those are a good level for me.

 The reasons behind my Kumon goals are like racing fuel. To start, just solving problems correctly feels good. Each one feels like a victory. I get energized from seeing that I’m getting closer to my goals.

 I always use some perseverance to complete each Kumon packet. Keeping up with my daily work helps a lot. When I think of how it feels to advance at Kumon, I can get “in the zone”. I imagine myself being a determined race car driver - changing gears through the turns of pages. Before I know it, I am at the finish line. Time to play!

 The daily work of Kumon also builds my endurance for solving problems. It’s like daily practice at a race course. Sometimes I just study the turns. Other times I break my record. And when I go up a level, it’s like a whole new track with more challenging turns.

 My training at Kumon is part of what let me speed past second grade, and jump to the third grade this year. That made reaching Kumon level J by the sixth grade a steeper challenge, so I’ll have to be even more driven.

 I don’t just step on the gas though. I need to finish in time and stay in control, because accuracy wins over speed in math. As long as I don’t make too many mistakes, I can go as fast and as far as I want in Kumon – at my own pace.

 Big events like the Indy 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans test drivers’ skills and endurance. Other than maybe my mom and dad, there’s no cheering crowds at my start of a Kumon packet. But with some perseverance, it’s still a bit exciting and fun for me.

 Come on, hop in my Porsche 919 Hybrid with me for few laps!"

 "It’s a thrill to see Aaron progress at his own pace. We especially value how Kumon helps teach good daily work habits. Kumon is excellent for teaching our son how to balance speed and accuracy." 

 Mylah - Aaron's mother

Yong-Jin - 100% on level K - Kumon Achievement Test!


"YongJin has improved a lot in math since he went to Kumon. Three areas can be highlighted. First, he understands time should be managed during his task. While solving problems, he keeps in mind that math problems involve time limitation, and puts the priority of problems in order. Second, he builds up fundamentals of computation while following the Kumon curriculum. Therefore, he can apply the computation to other areas of math such as word problems easily and fast. Third, he becomes aware of the importance of commitment and self-motivation in learning by finishing daily assignments. He is willing to explore new challenging problems, and try to figure out how to solve them based on his mathematical knowledge. YongJin enjoys learning math at Kumon, and I trust the Kumon curriculum."  
- Kay, Mother

"When I started Kumon, I was not happy because I thought I already knew math above my grade level. However, I realized that I was wrong because math was immensely huge to explore. While I am doing my packet step by step, it becomes my study habit as my daily routine. At the age of thirteen, I am currently working on Level L which teaches the basics of logarithms, limits, integrals, and velocity. The Kumon Method helps me understand new concepts better and solve problems faster and more accurately."  
- YongJin

Baoyi - 6th grade - Reading Program Completer (Level L Test 95% - Shakespeare)

I think Kumon is a great way to learn!

Firstly, it has helped me to improve my reading skills. At Kumon I get to read lots of award-winning literature books, I get a better understanding about the book because I always need to be ready to answer the related questions from these books.
Secondly, Kumon has helped me to improve my writing skills. Think about this... I will write down the summary about one chapter of one book, which means I need to organize the words and thoughts based on my understanding and comprehension. I have improved my writing skills through these practices.
Finally, I get to explore lots of different new knowledgeable areas including science, history, and technology in my Kumon study.

Especially Ms Ruby at my Kumon Almaden Center is a great teacher. She has rich experience and she always encourages me to move forward when I have met some hard problems. This is my wonderful journey studying at Kumon.