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About the Instructor


Best gift to our children is knowledge!

The best investment for one year is to grow grains; the best investment for ten years is to grow trees; the best investment for a lifetime is to educate people. What you gain from one year’s growth will be grains; what you gain from ten years’ growth will be trees; what you gain from a hundred years’ growth will be people.” ~ "Guan Zi" "Quan Xiu"~ 

My name is Doris, and it is my privilege to be a new member of Kumon Santa Cruz. I am excited to meet you this summer; while there will much learn for your children, I am sure there will be many new things that I can learn from them too. 

I am originally from Hong Kong and was educated under British Colonial education. My first undergraduate degree was Environmental Studies. After working for Sony as a marketing executive, I spent most of my time taking care of my three children. One day I met a German scholar who was fluent in Chinese and was deeply knowledgeable about Chinese literature; this inspire me to learn more about my heritage. 

I returned to school to complete my postgraduate diploma in Education, primarily teaching Chinese literature. I started my International Baccalaureate (IB) teaching in 2010. In 2016, I migrated to California and became a translator and interpreter.  

I decided to join Kumon Santa Cruz as my passion for teaching urged me to work with parents who wanted to raise their children to eventually become society-contributing individuals. I believe in unlimited potential in children. If we guide them the right path, the children will have a huge effect on their accomplishments. Let us work together to help our children to aim high and to live fruitful lives although it takes a lifetime to educate them.