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About the Instructor



I first heard about Kumon in 2001 when a close friend of mine told me how her boys were doing so well in their math classes because of Kumon. At the time, I did not feel that Kumon was something my four-year old needed so I just quietly tucked away the information "just in case” she needed help in school. Flash forward a few years and my kindergartener was struggling with the pace for math and reading and the administration began talking about retention, so I reached out to my friend for the company’s name she used to help her boys and within a few days we became a Kumon Family.

I use the term, we, because I truly believe that Kumon is an experience for the entire family. When my daughter began her work in Kumon, 2003, we worked together. We read books. I helped her with reading passages, and I helped her with her counting. Eventually, my daughter became a self-learner and my participation changed to an at-home grader, but we worked on her Kumon together. Watching her learn from mistakes and seeing her get everything correct had such a tremendous impact on all of our family. We knew she could rise to any expectation we asked of her, and she knew she was a capable, disciplined student who could take risks and be rewarded.

Eventually, my daughter worked for the Kumon center she had been a student at and now she works for our family center. Kumon has been a part of our lives for over seventeen years and it has demonstrated how Kumon is a math and reading program for every child because every child can work at their own pace and be successful.

Biography and Background

Biography and Background
Sonya Groves

I have been a classroom English and Technology teacher for the past 15 years. I have taught grades 6 through college and believe that education is the key to a happy life. Education is the doorway to choice, and when we can choose how we want to live our lives, we are happier and healthier people.

I have tried to create learning environments during my tenure as a classroom teacher that forged communities of learners. We all learn together through our successes and our mistakes. Communities build together and grow together and my Kumon Center, The Kumon Math & Reading Center of Schertz, is no different. As a learning community, we are here to support the growth and development of every mind that comes into our center through commitment, equity, and love.

I am in the final stages of my PhD program at the University of Texas at San Antonio in the School of Education for the Culture, Language, and Literacy program. My research focus has been on mentorship between students and teachers. My area of study aligns with Kumon’s Philosophy because as the owner and instructor of my center, I am there to mentor my students through their Kumon journey.

Training and Certification

Training and Certification

Kumon Certified Instructor

PhD (graduation est. May 2020): University of Texas at San Antonio – ABD Culture, Language, and Literacy

Master of Fine Arts (May 2016): Our Lady of the Lake University – Terminal degree Creative Writing with an emphasis in Social Justice

Master of Arts (May 2016): Our Lady of the Lake University

English Literature Master of Science (January 2001): University of Phoenix

Technology Applications Bachelor of Arts (December 1991): University of Kansas –Double Major: Spanish Language and Literature and Latin American Studies