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About the Instructor


As a certified, professional instructor, I  guide your children through their work to achieve their goals. In addition, we create a system of support that encourages the child to become excited about learning. Each home-study plan is individualized to the child’s needs and focuses on completing assignments accurately and in a timely manner. The plans ensure that the child masters the skills, but is not pushed ahead before he or she is ready. This creates a sense of self-confidence for the child. Every child’s needs are different, so we try to find the “just right” work level, changing study plans as needed. I meet with the child and parents to help set and create a plan to fulfill their goals. I have a true passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed.


Biography and Background

I received my bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Mathematics. In 1992, I opened the Kumon Math & Reading Center of Scottsdale - Shea Scottsdale in order to reach out to students and help them realize their full potential. I have worked with all levels and ages of students, and the amazing improvement I see in each individual provides a very rewarding experience.  Since then I have taken various courses in advanced mathematics as well as education. I continuously study updated curriculum from Kumon to better serve all students.

Training and Certification

As Director of Kumon Math and Reading Center of Scottsdale – Shea Scottsdale, I have gone through extensive training and attend seminars and workshops regularly. This ensures continuing education and up-to-date knowledge of the entire Kumon curriculum.

In addition to my continuing personal education, I frequently meet with other Kumon instructors to discuss ways to improve our instruction and better our understanding of the Kumon materials. We also examine ideas on student motivation and are constantly working to improve our methods. 

I am always looking for ways and ideas to improve my instructional abilities and those of my staff. I want to make each student's learning experience rewarding and beneficial. We have regular training with new and existing employees. Most of the staff have been with me for many years and have a real love of helping children reach and surpass their potential.