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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through Grade 12, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our centre prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Fiayo loves reading!!

Fiayo 2

Phenomenal Growth

Fiayo is a lovely young four-year-old, full of energy and giggles. She began Kumon in July of 2020 and her parents Esther and Fiayo couldn’t be more pleased.

Her father describes Kumon as an investment in their daughter and says that “to see the results is amazing.” Fiayo herself enjoys the program and during the time when her daycare was locked down, as an only child, it was often the only interaction she had with other children. It gave her a chance to get away from the house and have a change of scenery while also learning.

Her father believes that her learning has been nothing short of phenomenal and he explains she is beyond where she should be at her age. Turning five in October, she is enrolled in school and she was accepted into the school her parents put down as their number one choice.

It is important to Esther and Nayi that Fiayo maintains her momentum and so when the restrictions tightened, her Dad did some research online to see if he could help her. But as he soon found out, Kumon already has the system and the structure in place, as he explained “they know what they’re doing.”

Working the Program

Lily and Lena D

For Lily and Lena, Kumon has been a constant over the past year, no matter what COVID regulations came their way.

Their mother, Kelly, explained that the Kumon program kept them focused and gave them structure. No matter what happened, they always had their daily worksheets.

Remembering to do the worksheets every day was something the girls say was the hardest thing about the program, but they also say that the way the worksheets were and how easy they were to understand and follow was the easiest part. It was through the daily worksheets that their mother felt helped them learn the importance of staying on top of their work. “Early on we had some weeks where we were doing four or five days of worksheets the night before,” Kelly explains. “now, because of that experience we discuss schoolwork and tests regularly to ensure we don’t let it build up.”

Lily was in grade five and doing grade three work when she started Kumon and her sister Lena was struggling in math. Today, only two years later, Lily is in grade seven and doing grade eight work. Lena is at the top of her grade in math and has gained a lot of confidence in her classroom.

These results came about because the family put the work in that was necessary and followed the program the way it was intended. They did their worksheets every day, the parents marked them and they did their corrections. They attended their classes, whether online or in person. In fact, they were such model students that they were awarded the 2020 Ambassador Award.

For the family, their time in Kumon has been a positive experience that has brought confidence, knowledge and good study habits.

Kumon and School is a Winning Combination

Victoria R

Finishing the reading program in Kumon gave Victoria so many skills and such confidence that she won a short story contest in her class. Her story was published in a book with other student writers from across Canada! Here she is with a copy of the book in which her story appears.

Finishing the reading program also has benefits for her family; she can now tutor her brothers, much to her mother’s appreciation.

“We definitely made the right decision,” Victoria’s mother answers when asked if she is glad she put her daughter in Kumon. “Absolutely.”For 14-year-old Victoria, Kumon gave her good study habits that have helped her at her school as well. The worksheets helped keep a sense of normalcy and consistency during the various COVID lockdowns.

Going forward, Victoria will be on solid ground as she goes through the rest of her grades at school and covers material she has already excelled at in Kumon.

A Commitment to Success


Lucy Igboamalu’s children began attending Kumon in South Africa, so she was pleased to learn, when they relocated to Canada, that Kumon was available here too! Today, she can’t say enough good things about the program and how it has helped her children. All four children: Kevin, Chidera, Sandra and Olivia, are in both math and reading at Kumon because their parents believe if you have a firm grasp on those two subjects, everything else should come easy.

Her oldest child, Kevin, is eleven years old, and during a recent visit to his school, Lucy talks about the teacher running out to talk to her. She told Lucy that Kevin was the best student in her class. “What mother doesn’t want to hear that?” Lucy says with a laugh.

Her youngest, Olivia, began Kumon around the age of three and today, at five years old, she is reading. It is this type of foundation that Lucy feels will help her children as they go forward. As of the end of this past summer, Kevin was in the top 19% in Canada for math and 15% for reading. Chidera was six months ahead of her grade in reading and the top 31% in Canada for math. Sandra was in the top 8% for reading and 12% for math, while Olivia was in the top 24% in math.

It’s because of how well the children are doing that the Igboamalu family intends to have their children enrolled in the Kumon program for their entire schooling. Lucy is adamant that there is no stopping because they are doing awesome and it will only continue to help them.

During COVID, the kids are enrolled in a combined program of both online and in-class Kumon classes. Lucy feels it’s a testimony to Joyce’s ability to relate and handle the kids that her children prefer the in-person classes. “Joyce is just awesome,” Lucy explains. “She is so good with the kids and the in-person attention they get is amazing.”

The time the children spend on Kumon also shapes and mentors their study time. They learn good study and work skills by putting in the time and focusing on their work every day. They learn that if they put in the work, they can accomplish anything.

Resource Rich

Rosalie and Sofie

For Rosalie and Sofie’s mom Amanda, Kumon is all about resources. Even though Amanda has a background in early education, starting from scratch and figuring out exactly how to approach supplementing her daughter’s education was difficult. “You wonder where to start, whether you are giving too much or not enough,” Amanda explains. “Even being given the materials and having packages was so helpful.”
The program at Kumon provided her girls with an opportunity to build on integral foundational skills; receiving the structure and guidance during uncertain times was immensely helpful. During their COVID-19 lockdown, Kumon also provided consistency to their daughter’s lives. They continued with their program uninterrupted, which ensured they had a firm foundation when they finally returned to school after five months.

It was during the COVID lockdown that Amanda learned of another element that made Kumon so important to their family. Her one daughter was growing increasingly anxious about the timing part of her work with Kumon. Amanda spoke with Joyce, the centre’s instructor and they made adjustments. Together, they decided to stop timing her for a while, until her anxiety was lowered. When that happened, they slowly re-introduced the timing element and the anxiety stayed at bay.

While Amanda appreciates the Kumon process and the Kumon way, it is second to the changes she sees in her daughter Rosalie. In the past, Rosalie would be reluctant to speak up in her school math class for fear of looking ‘stupid’. As a result of the confidence she has gained in Kumon, she is now an active and participating member of her class. “I would tell her she wasn’t stupid, but she was only able to believe it once she developed her confidence through Kumon,” Amanda explains.

Amanda’s confidence in Kumon was so strong, when her older daughter, who is not in Kumon, was struggling to understand the concept of fractions, Amanda knew where to turn; she purchased a Kumon workbook from the Centre. Her daughter was able to breakthrough in grasping the subject matter and move on with ease.

Whether it’s having access to just the right amount of work, given in the right format, or even supplementing with Kumon workbooks, the resources Amanda, Rosalie, and Sofie have received through Kumon have made all the difference to their family.

A Proud Kumon Family

Haris and Elias

“My kids are just ordinary kids,” Q states definitively. “They weren’t born with a genius gene.”


He is talking about his two boys, Elias (grade five) and Haris (grade two) who have been Kumon students since they were three years old.


The boys grew up with Kumon and their involvement gives their parents peace of mind. They know they are setting their sons up with the foundational blocks they need to succeed. Their love of Kumon comes from the success their boys are having today; amongst Kumon students across Canada, Elias is in the 93rd percentile and Haris is in the 98th.


When Elias entered grade five, he was shocked to discover that his class was working on the 2 times multiplication tables. At that point, Elias was working on complicated x and y type of math in Kumon while his younger brother had already worked on the 2 times table in Kumon.


Some of the tips Q shares is the family exchanges computer screen time minute by minute with time spent on Kumon. If his son spends half an hour working on Kumon, he gets half an hour of screen time.


They also find that having a consistent schedule has helped them. When they are in school, they do Kumon right after supper. Q says they don’t have to remind them very often and that is one thing he likes about the Kumon program. “Kumon has taught them how to learn independently,” he says. “There is help when they need it, but they work through some things on their own.”


Surprisingly, COVID has only increased the rate of learning the boys are doing. During the lockdown, the boys doubled up on their Kumon exercises and accelerated their learning. Since going back to school, they have maintained that increased pace.


Q stresses that there is nothing extraordinary about his boys but that they have been supported by an incredible team at the Kumon Centre. “They have succeeded in a large part to the focused help, care, and attention from Mrs. Coffey and the other instructors.” He explains. “We have supported them, yes but it is Joyce’s true passion for making a difference in the lives of children that made the difference.”


“We are an all-in Kumon family,” Q states proudly.

Personal Development


When Nathan was in grade five, his mother Christine wouldn’t have believed that her son would help anyone in math. He was frustrated, felt he was stupid, and had started to shut down in class. When she brought him to see the Kumon instructor Joyce at the Sherwood Park Central location, she and her husband were beside themselves. They knew that academically, they were losing their son.

Right from the beginning, Joyce’s calm and reassuring manner put Christine at ease. She took the scared parents who were at their wit's end and came up with a plan. For Nathan, Joyce’s sense of humor won him over immediately.

After doing a placement test, it was determined that in math, Nathan was performing at approximately a grade three level. The test showed Joyce where Nathan was missing out and any gaps in the foundations he needed to know and master.

Christine attributes the structure and incremental growth that is built into the Kumon program for Nathan’s success. “It was tremendous for him,” she explains. “He has gained so much confidence because he now has a history of success.” Christine goes on to say that because the program takes them through the learning process in small, incremental steps, Nathan can experience success. While he still becomes frustrated at times, he knows that he can work through it and come out the other side.

Kumon has not only given Nathan confidence in his math abilities, he has grown as a person. He is now working at the centre doing marking and helping out online during zoom classes. “Nathan knows what it is like to be ready to give up,” His mother explains. “He knows what the kids are feeling, and he can help them through it.”

Nathan is currently ahead of his class in some areas of math and this helps his confidence even further. Helping others who are struggling as he was makes him realize just how far he has come.

Sammy’s Mother Declares a Christmas Miracle

Sammy A

Sammy’s Mother Radia never thought she would see the day when her son voluntarily picked up a book and started reading. This past Christmas morning, the family was busy visiting and enjoying their gifts when she looked over and saw Sammy reading his brand new book out loud. Not only was he reading, he was reading it perfectly!

When Sammy first began Kumon a year ago, it was a battle to get him to do his worksheets and he declared his hatred for all things educational. Radia was beside herself and spoke to Joyce, the owner of Kumon Sherwood Park Central.  Joyce advised her to not push him and that she would cut back on his worksheets by half. Then Joyce had a conversation with Sammy and, as Radia says, ‘worked her magic.’ Sammy agreed to continue in Kumon and work on his worksheets.

Sammy admits it was a rocky start when he began at Kumon.

“I didn’t like it, the work was hard,” he explained.

After talking to Joyce, Sammy, while not doing all of his worksheets every day, completed more and more of them. The more he completed, the more his self-confidence increased.

Now, Sammy gives Kumon a literal thumbs up when asked his thoughts on the work. He says “It’s much easier now and I like the Coffey Shop and the people who help me.”

Since Christmas time, Sammy has shown even more confidence in his abilities and has even started taking books along with his toys when the family goes on a car ride. And his mother could not be happier about it.