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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Tyler's Success

"From being in reading help at school since first grade, my son took his evaluation this year (now in fourth grade) and is no longer in reading help at school! His response was, 'Mom, I guess Kumon really works!' His confidence level is also much better as a reader! Thanks Lillian and the Kumon team!" -Tina (Tyler's mom)

Ian's Success

"Kumon has been tremendously helpful for Ian.  Working methodically through the basics has made it possible for him to really excel with the more complex, multi-step operations required in school.  Also, he has benefitted from the discipline of daily practice."  -Dancy (Ian's mom)

Karen's Success

"Kumon has helped my child by helping her get good grades in math class and she no longer has trouble with her homework at school." -Zoila (Karen's mom)

What Our Students Are Saying:

"I have found a subject that I am good in." - Marko, grade 3

"Kumon has changed my life. I would like to be a scientist when I grow up and study chemistry." - Ana, grade 6

"Kumon is awesome.  I understand school work better." -Mig, grade 3

"I have improved my grades in school." -Ania, grade 3

"I love the raffle prizes and knowing this place will help me." -William, grade 9

"I like when I get pins to put on my bag for doing my homework." -Kieran, grade 1

Ariel's Success

"Kumon helps my son to be more comfortable doing his homework.  He is more confident than ever before." -Maria (Ariel's mom)

Advik's Success

"My wife heard about Kumon from one of her friends and the very next day our son was in the Kumon class.  He is in Pre-K now.  It has only been two months and he is already starting to show his confidence and skills in his school.  Kumon has helped him to improve his concentration and abilities.  We want him to go to kindergarten with the same spirit and knowledge next year." -Lukesh (Advik's dad)

Jack's Success

"Since Jack has started Kumon, he is showing more of an interest in reading.  His comprehension of his reading materials has definitely increased.  I'm amazed at how much his spelling has improved as well.  We are very happy with his progress." -Jennifer (Jack's mom)

Walker & Nolan's Success

Kumon has helped my boys in reading and especially in comprehension.  In math, they can really do the basics very quickly. Kumon has also helped them understand the importance of good educational daily work and good homework habits. -Angela (Walker & Nolan's mom)

Kevin's Success

"Kumon has become a welcomed part of my son's routine as it has quickly improved his reading skills in such a short time.  His reading ability increased in a matter of months.  His teacher was so impressed.  He felt more confident while reading. We were all so proud of him.  I look forward to seeing how much it helps him over the next year." -Symonne (Kevin's mom)

Jaxon's Success

"I'm so impressed with Jaxon's accomplishments in the Kumon Program.  His math and reading skills far exceed his age as noted by teachers and other parents.  We could not have achieved this on our own.  This program and the dedicated staff hold both Jax and us accountable.  Most importantly, Jax is proud of his accomplishments and being an advanced student will serve him well going forward."  With great appreciation, Jason & Minerva (Jaxon's parents)

Harveen's Success

"Kumon has made Harveen an independent learner.  Since she has joined this center, she looks forward to coming here and doing her work on time.  The awards ceremony is a brilliant idea to motivate Harveen.  She loves it here.  Thank you Lillian for all that you do." -Lalita K.