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About the Instructor


Maithreyi Muralidharan - Tempe Lakes Center Director

Kumon Instructors are key to the running of the Kumon Center. They wear multiple hats and receive extensive training before being certified to run the Center. The Kumon Instructor often does orientations and placement testing and lesson planning. The teaching assistants help with day to day instructions, guiding, grading and preparing the lessons for each child.

Biography and Background


Dear Kumon Parents,

Hello! I took over the Tempe-Lakes Kumon Center, as the Instructor and Center Director in November 2017. Since 2015, I had been volunteering at the Center. During this period, I've assisted the students with preparing worksheets, grading classwork and homework, and offering guidance as needed - all things that my wonderful assistants and family help me with, now.

In my role as the Instructor, I

  • consider the best way for each student to learn and advance academically.

  • create a plan and set long term goals for each child, at the enrollment, based on their placement assessment and their respective abilities.

  • provide students with individualized lesson plans, adjusting and optimizing the study plan periodically, to make it more suitable for each student.

  • monitor the teaching assistants recommendation for each child after every class.

  • create small goals to ensure that students always experience a sense of accomplishment, increase self-confidence, and become more self-reliant.

  • develop their ability to work independently.

  • help them develop speed, accuracy and effective study habits.

  • communicate with parents about the students learning successes, things to pay attention to and show them how essential this is, in order to successfully maximize student ability.

  • coordinate with the Regional Field Consultant, Branch Manager and other Kumon Instructors to bring best practices to the Center.

I have the benefit of extensive Kumon training, workshops, internship, visits to other centers and guidance from my former center Instructor.

Living and studying in two different countries and several states in the USA has given me an in-depth appreciation of the diverse cultures and backgrounds our children come from. I have always believed in motivating kids to be self-learners and giving them the tools during those precious early years. I am aware of research that indicates the tremendous benefits and confidence that early literacy gives the child in the future, a belief that is now strengthened by all the training I have had in the Kumon methodology and philosophy.

Like all Kumon Instructors, I have a true passion for  education and an earnest desire to help children maximize ther potential. My dedication to education and devotion to working with our precious children and with you, dear parents, will ensure that, together, we achieve their individual goals while nurturing the spark that makes them life-long learners.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions and as always, we are happy to discuss them with you.



Maithreyi Muralidharan

Training and Certification

I have a Bachelor's degree (B.S.) from Arizona State University in Psychology anf Child Development and went on to earn a Master's in Education (M.Ed.), specializing in Early Childhood Education from the same University and a second Master's (MLS) in Library and Information Science from University of Arizona. I worked for Libraries in Arizona for six years, assisting patrons with research and later creating programs for kids, before choosing to pursue her interest in teaching children. I received training in the "Every Child Ready to Read" program which focused on early literacy - emphasizing the five practices, talking, singing, reading, writing, playing, to increase phonemic and print awareness. As with all Kumon Instructors, I received extensive professional training spread over almost 18 months, before and after taking over the center in 2017.