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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Ruhi S.- Our young scholar!


Ruhi joined the center in March of 2020 for reading, starting with sight reading at 7A. She quickly went through the early levels and within a year of joining us, has reached 2A, which is basic grammar and simple sentences. She has blossomed from a shy, quiet girl to a bubbly and talkative one. Seeing her progress with reading and English, Ruhi's parents decided to enroll her in the second subject and added math in mid June 2020, and she started with 5A, which is number reading and recognizing sequences, and within almost a year, she's progressed through the initial levels and is now nearly done with 2A, which is addition of numbers up to 10's.  

Before she started Kumon, Ruhi was able to read A-Z and 1-100. Coming from an immigrant family, her exposure to English vocabulary was limited to the frequently used words at home. With all preschools being closed due to Covid, her parents were finding it difficult to prepare Ruhi for her upcoming Kindergarten class. With Kumon, they got all the help that they needed to aid in her progress. 

With the help of the structured way of learning, Ruhi has made significant progress in the way she communicates. Ruhi says, "I love Kumon and my teacher."Ruhi’s English vocabulary has increased significantly, now being able to read and write much better than before and she has also started enjoying her math work. Kumon and the teachers have made her believe that "learning is fun".

Maalavi V.- Our talented singer and dancer


Maalavi started at the center in November 2020 as her parents felt that she was lacking confidence in her math skills. She started off in C 51 which is single digit multiplication problems and within 7 months, she is now studying 2 years above grade level and is doing level E, which deals with the four operations with fractions. Seeing her progress with math, and also to get her ready for the next academic year, Maalavi's parents enrolled her in reading as the second subject just at the beginning of June 2021, starting at DI, which is 4th grade level reading, already a year ahead of grade level Maalavi has grown into a confident, eager and enthusiastic student in her time here. Maalavi says "I feel more confident and comfortable doing math in school. It helped me do math faster and without mistakes. I enjoy doing math now." Apart from academics, Maalavi enjoys singing, dancing and reading. She participates in singing and poetry contests as well.

Satya Pranavi: Our Math-League Champion!

Pranavi Amalakanti

Pranavi, as Satya Pranavi is called, joined the Kumon of Tempe Lakes in 2017 when she was 7 years old. She started off at 2A Level in Math and made rapid progress, finishing 10 levels in three years and well on her way to getting J by 6th grade.

She is currently a Platinum student, that is three years above grade level in Math. Pranavi says that the Math skills gained at Kumon have helped her to clear the Math screening test at her school and get short-listed for the Math-League contest. She won the 1st position at the Phoenix District Level competition and 7th position at the State Level. This helped her to qualify for and appear at the national Level Math-League competition.

Pranavi says, "Kumon has given me sufficient depth of knowledge on a wide range of Mathematical topics such as Arithmetic, Algebra etc... which has given me the confidence to appear for the Math-League competition. Thanks to Kumon."

Knowledge and exposure gained at Kumon has made her strong in Mathematical fundamentals and methods. It has been the stepping stone for early success in Math competitions.

Pranavi's father, Mr. Prasad says, "Kumon helped us stay focused on improving her Math skills and provided Pranavi with the right motivation. It nurtured her interest in Mathematics. Interest is the turning point for success. We strongly believe, Kumon methodology and learning culture helped build her confidence and soar to new heights in other advanced studies as well."

Satya Pranavi is a true example of Toru Kumon's belief that the study habits and self-learning skills acquired while studying at Kumon builds a strong foundation for problem solving and motivated students to do well in all walks of life. Satya Pranavi is a great mentor to her younger sister, who is also a Kumon Student.