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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Noah our Reading Program completer!

Noah Reading

Congratulations Noah for completing the Kumon's Reading program!! Learning High School level Reading while still in middle school, there were some days, he almost wanted to give up, but your hard work, dedication, and perseverance is a mark of an excellent student, one who is ever curious to learn and never gives up when the going gets tough. A life skill you learned at a much early age! Noah started his Kumon journey at the young age of 5. He was an advanced honor roll student, learning a year ahead of his grade level just when he was 7. He continued his journey is completed his Reading program. We at Kumon of Trumbull-NorthHaven are so very proud of your achievement and we wish you continued success!

Braylen makes it to Top 20 - March 2022


Braylen has made it to the Reading Top 20 high achievers list in his age group and continues to inspire his fellow Kumon students. He started his Kumon journey in September 2021, when he was just 3 years old in the first level of Kumon Reading - Learning how to read Level 7A. 

Within about 6 months he has completed all of Learning how to read levels and moved up to his comprehension block. He is not only one of the youngest minds at the center but also one of the top performers in the nation in his age group. His mom who usually bring Braylen to the center adds - " Braylen is a brilliant young man and completes anything he puts his mind to. He has a huge personality but he’s very silly, smart, fun, sweet. Braylen currently obsessed with basketball and his favorite basketball players are Kyrie Irvan, Steph Curry, Zach LaVine, Andre Drummond and Lebron James. Keeping him busy and his mind engaged definitely the goal!" 

We are so very proud of you Braylen!

Thank you Sebastian's Dad

​We want to thank you for all you have done for us over the past 5 years. Your program has transformed Sebastian into a confident student. He has blossomed under Kumon, and we are grateful for enrolling him in the program.

Celebrating two milestones the same day! Jan 2021

Aryan - 2 milestone

Congratulations Aryan!! You make us super proud. Math Pre-Calculus level by 3rd grade and Reading High School level by 3rd grade. We can't wait for you to complete the Kumon program! 

Cynthia - Congratulations to a 2021 Reading Program Completer!


Cynthia’s Kumon journey started in 2019 in Level EII level (Paragraph block) in reading and just within two short years, she completed Kumon’s Reading program Level L (High school reading level). I remember when I first met Cynthia, she was in 7th grade and looking at her extracurricular activities, I was not sure Cynthia would be able to dedicate time to Kumon, but I am so happy to see she proved me wrong. She was a student who always completed her work on time and was on top of her Kumon despite her busy schedule. She also completed her Kumon pre-calculus level in Math.

Her mom added - "Cynthia has a beautiful pair of dimples and a smile like sunshine. She cares very much about her family, friends, and everyone around her. She works hard at her schoolwork and always tries her best to be better.  After school, she likes to hang out with her friends, practice swimming, and play in the acting club. She has a passion for music and piano"

Congratulations Cynthia!! You are an amazing girl and your future is extraordinary. 

Shiv received the G by 5 in the shortest amount of time at our Kumon center


Shiv started Kumon in November 2015 and was able to achieve his G by 5 by March of 2016. Incredible achievement, Shiv! 

Deanna M. - G by 5 in Math


Deanna achieved her G by 5 in Math. She is extremely dedicated in her class work and always presents the best work. Good job, Deanna! We are very proud of your achievement.

Aryan is in 2nd grade and working Algebra-I concepts at Kumon

Aryan Kumon Level I by 2nd grade

Aryan began his journey in September of 2018 and within three years he is tackling Algebra-I concepts in Kumon Level I. He recently made it to the nation's Top 20 Kumon high achievers list in the same grade category. 

Aryan has worked diligently and tirelessly through holidays, summer vacations, and the pandemic to master Math concepts -- said his mom, Patricia. Aryan’s dad, Shushil added, “working on Kumon Math is a daily part of Aryan's life starting with review of previous Kumon Math levels in the morning before school and completing the current assigned work in the evenings We are very proud of Aryan's accomplishments and look forward to Math Level J!”

We often see Aryan grandma, who brings Aryan to the center and is always beaming with pride. Kumon is a family activity for the Ramnaress family. Congratulations Aryan!! 

Email from a very happy parent

Email we received from a happy parent - Jessica is in 6th grade.

"Happy New Year!! Hope you had a nice holiday break. Just wanted to report that Jessica scored an 85 on her last math test!! Her F is now a C- and I couldn’t be happier!!

I know that we are not out of the woods and that she has a long way to go & a lot more work to do. But, I was so pleased to see that she CAN DO IT and was able to prove it to herself and her teacher."

-- Julie H.

Sparsh - Level J by 6th grade


Congratulations Sparsh on getting to Level J by 6th grade. You've reached a significant milestone in your Kumon learning. Keep up the good work!

Shreya, G by 5 in Math

Shreya G by 5

Shreya doesn't give up easily. She started her journey with Kumon when she was in kindergarten and this summer she worked towards her Level G by 5 award. Congratulations Shreya on getting to pre-algebra level skills while still in 4th grade!

Evani, J 200 Reading

Evani J200 Reading

Evani's dedication got her the Level J200 completion while she was still in 6th grade. She's working towards her program completion, currently she's working through critical reading section and critiquing Shakespeare plays in Level K. One more level to go!! 

Stephanie, J200 completion

Stephanie J200 Math

Stephanie started working on her pre-algebra skills not too long ago and look where she's today. She received her J200 level completion. She's mastered all the skills needed to get to the pre-calculus section in Kumon. Congratulations Stephanie! 

Kelly P. wins the Inspirational TEA Reader Award! June 2014

Kelly P. of Frenchtown Elementary was awarded the Inspirational  Reader Award for demonstrating both a love for reading as well as growth as a reader at the 9th Annual TEA Inspirational Reader Awards. Congratulations, Kelly!!

2014 - Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

We celebrated our student successes and achievements on June 20th at the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library. Congratulations to all Kumon students and families. Happy Summer!

Michelle - Way to go! G by 5

Melissa - G by 5 Math

Michelle joined Kumon about 2 yrs ago and she has left her impression in everything she does. She received the highest Math Grade award in her 5th grade. She wants to stay ahead of her grade level and help her achieve her dream of becoming a Speech Therapist. 

Two of Kumon of Trumbull students won the Secretary of State 2012 Essay Contest

Essay contest winners

On May 25, 2012, Secretary of State Denise Merrill presented awards to the winners of her office's 17th Annual 5th grade Essay Contest at a ceremony in the Old Judiciary Room of the State Capitol. Congratulations to Kyle Beck, 1st place, Megha Gaur, 3rd place and Adith Velavan, honorable mention, all from Trumbull. Five winners were chosen from each Congressional District. More than 400 fifth graders across Connecticut submitted essays. Students were asked to discuss an important event or invention from Connecticut that has significantly affected the history of our state, and how the impact of this event or invention is still felt today. 
Adith and Megha are both very diligent in their work and always strive to do their best. We are very proud of your achievement! Keep up the good work. 

Congratulations to the winners!! 

Andrea - our youngest to reach pre-algebra level


Congratulations, Andrea!! You made it! She's the youngest to reach the pre-algebra level at our center. 

Thang Dao - Kumon Reading Program Completer!

Thang Dao, Kumon Reading Program Completer!!

Key for Thang's program completion has been his developing good study habits. Mr. Dao adds further, “Completing Kumon assignments on time have always been a priority. Keeping the end goal in mind, he had some degree of flexibility during vacations, holidays, but in the end he should finish the take home works before going back to Kumon. This means he could do double works in one or more than one days”

His parents MinHue & Tien Dao have provided all the support and environment at home to make this all possible. They help create an environment with little distraction to learning.  “We explain to him the benefits of good study habits in school and in life.” says  MinHue and Tien. 

Once the routine has been established, it was easier to advance through the program. Level G, H, I,J Advanced reading helped him with other subjects like writing, science, social studies.  Thang has been good at all subjects and consistently attaining high honors with distinction. Thang takes pride in his achievements and gains respect from his peers.

Thang says he loves to play soccer, basketball, and football.  “I like to hang out with my friends. When I do Kumon, I only concentrate only on doing it”. He adds “Kumon helps do better in school because it always keeps you one step ahead of the game. Kumon makes learning at school a piece of cake. I want to be a famous soccer player when I grow up. “

Thang completed his J+ level in Feb. 2011 and completed the program, which are additional two levels in Nov. 2011.

We are very proud of you – Thang Dao!!! Keep it up! We will see you at the finish line with Math Program completion.

Thang's Words of Wisdom to his fellow class mates are "Be Consistent and Work Hard & Do Not give up".

Walter & Jash


Walter, within 4 yrs of joining Kumon, and Jash, within 2 yrs of joining Kumon, received their G by 4 awards in Math in the summer of 2016. What an achievement!! 

Daniel - Level J 200 completion & working towards Reading Program completion


Daniel started Kumon less than year and a half ago in Level CI in reading and is pursuing his Reading Program completion by April 2016. Congratulations Daniel! You did it! 

Chandini K. - Completes Reading Program!


Chandini K. - Our newest Reading Program completer! Chandini started Kumon at a very young age and she completed the Kumon Reading Program within 4 years, covering all topics from "Learning to Read" to "Reading to Learn". While working her way through the program, Chandini has mastered a variety of topics from Poetry to Shakespeare, Alphabet & Sight Words to Critical Reading.

A journey to Program Completion!

On Feb 2011, Thang Dao reached a very important milestone in his Kumon Journey.  He reached Level J200—Yes End of Level J!! Just 2 more levels to Program Completion! 

Thang is like any other 6th grader, he loves to play Premier Soccer and balances his games with School work and Kumon. He started his Kumon Studies in November 2009 and in such a short span has reached great heights. 

He dedicates about 30 –45 min doing Kumon daily. He currently is working on K120 in Reading, which is Critique Reading block. This feature sets focuses on King Oedipus by Sophocles as well as Hamlet and Macbeth by William Shakespeare. These texts and works are widely used in High School and college curriculums. He’s almost 4 years ahead of his grade level but he knows that early exposure to this material will make subsequent study in high school less taxing. His aspirations are to be a Kumon Math and Reading  program completer.

His parents MinHue & Tien Dao have provided all the support and environment at home to make this all possible. They help create an environment with little distraction to learning.  “We explain to him the benefits of good study habits in school and in life.” says  MinHue and Tien. 

Thang's Words of Wisdom to his fellow class mates are "Be Consistent and Work Hard & Do Not give up.

Kate in TAG!

Kate, a student here at Kumon in Trumbull, was recently selected to participate in Trumbull’s language Arts Enrichment program at her school.

This program is designed to give students the opportunity to broaden their literary experience through extensions of the reading and writing program.

Kate struggled from Kindergarten on, and even before that, to become proficient at her school level of reading. Strangely enough she was a “writer” before she became a “reader”

She beat the odds, and has now surpassed school and district levels in both reading and writing with the help of the specialist at school, her parents and through extending her education at the Kumon Center!


Ava gets to G by 4 in math & reading!!


Getting to level G in Math and Reading is no easy feat, but Ava R. managed to do just that! Ava was 4 years of age when she started Kumon. She has not only achieved remarkable milestones in Kumon but she also is a well-rounded individual. 

Ava has been playing soccer since she was 4 and has been on travel teams for 2 years now.  She enjoys Karate and is currently testing for her advanced brown belt.  Ava has been playing basketball for 2 years and is beginning a new season with a travel team.  She loves art and has been recognized at such a young age at Sacred Heart University for her dinosaur sculpture. Her love of music has drawn her towards picking up the saxophone. She's active in the student council at her school. When she is not busy, which is a rarity, she enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends or playing with her brothers.   

She's an excellent student with strong study skills. Ava, your next goal is J by 6 and I know you wouldn't hesitate to meet the challenge.

Congratulations Jake - great effort leads to great rewards!

Jake joined Kumon center about 8 months ago. He started at a Learning to Read level and now moved close to his grade level. This is the feedback we received from his teacher and her email says it all ..

"I was going to e-mail you later, but since I am writing this, you would be SO proud of Jake and his reading scores.  His LA reading (it is a two story, one non fiction one fiction) comprehension test that the district gives, Jake earned a 4.  This is done in CMT format – He had earned a 1 when he came to me (the lowest possible) and just earned a 4 out of 5.  3 is average, 4 is above average – YEAH!!!  Then, I did the reading record with him.  He started the year at an L, which is the end of 2nd grade, very beginning of 3rd.  He just tested out at a P (the end of 3rd/beginning of 4th) He did a very good job.  I told him he had to share that with you.  He sounds so much more fluent and seems much more comfortable when reading. 
Had to share the good news

Shared by Jake's proud parents

Tara - Jasmine's mom shared her daughter's progress in high school

This is Tara, Jasmine 's mom. One of her teachers this semester remembered her from her days at Kumon. I figured I'd check in and let you know that Jasmine finished her freshman year of high school with all A's or A-.  She received an A in algebra and an A- in geometry and English . A 3.85 first semester and a 3.72 second semester. Kumon still has a lasting affect!

Claire - A Reading Program completer, completes the most challenging curriculum!

Claire completed the High School reading program in the shortest amount of time. She started Kumon Reading program when Feb 2019 at level EII. EII is a level that focuses on paragraph block and writing skills. She was able to master the High School level of reading, she went through a challenging curriculum including deepened understanding of the elements of literature, developing greater sensitivity to authors’ use of descriptive language, rigorous high school level reading comprehension techniques, vocabulary and intense grammar exercises and much more. Even a rigor of school and other activities, couldn’t stop Claire from daunting Shakespeare passages. Congratulations Claire! You are such a role model to our students.

Varshil P -- Kumon Reading Program Completer!


Drum roll please!! One of my favorite parts of being an instructor is giving out Kumon Program Completion Awards to my students. Especially this past year, it is worth recognizing the efforts of students, who decided to rise to the challenge. 

Varshil started his Kumon journey in sixth grade, and within four years he was able to achieve Kumon's most prestigious Program Completion Award. Varshil made his way through a challenging curriculum, including deepened understanding of the elements of literature, developing greater sensitivity to authors’ use of descriptive language, rigorous high school level reading comprehension techniques, vocabulary and intense grammar exercises and much more. Even a pandemic couldn't stop Varshil from daunting Shakespeare passages. Congratulations Varshil! You are true inspiration.

Sudiksha G - receives a Level G by 5 while still in 4th grade


Sudiksha received her Level G by 5 awards in both Math & Reading in March of 2015 when she was still in 4th grade. She's well on the way for her Level J by 6th grade completion. She's a very conscientious student and always pays attention to details. Way to go, Sudiksha!

Paul - G by 5 recepient


Paul received his G by 5 in summer of 2016. Congratulations, Paul!!

Kind Words from a Happy Parent

Thanks so much for the kind words.  I am very proud of him for sticking with it.  I should also thank you and everyone that has worked with him.  I am always impressed by the amount of support and attention the kids receive at Kumon.  He certainly could not have done it without your help.

-- Parent of a Kumon student who passed the Long Division level .

5th grader's Kumon Experience

cookie for the president

Hadara enjoys reading the passages in the Kumon Reading Program and enthusiastically gets to completing his exercises. He said, "Kumon has helped me tremendously in school. I'm getting better and better every day! I'm getting good with facts"  

2 Years above his grade level - J 200 - Feb 2016


Adrien started Kumon two years ago in the fraction level. He's now studying pre-calculus in 8th grade and working towards his program completion by high school. Way to go Adrien! 

Sneha K. completion Level J200


Congratulations Sneha on achieving Level J200, pre-calculus level in Kumon Math! 

Nikki gets her G by 5

Nikki G by 5

Nikhita R. has been a diligent Kumon student even before she came to my center in 2011. She completed her Pre-algebra level G in Kumon while still in 5th grade. She is now working towards her Reading G by 5 by summer of 2015. Congratulations Nikki! 

4 Program completers in year!

Kumon of Trumbull recently added another Reading Program completer to the roster. The center was able to produce 4 Reading program completers within a year. Great going you kids -Thang, Sruthi, Nisha & Neel! Kudos to the students and dedicated Kumon parents!!

Making steady progress

Raj - She is doing extremely well on the simple division with remainders.  They also just started doing this in third grade so she is extremely confident. Her teacher informed me that she is the top student in the class on her multiplication and division facts.Teacher commented that Kumon is really helping. Thanks for all your guidance.

A proud mom of a 3rd grader

Straight A's - An achievement that will make any parent proud!!

A 7th grade student who has been with me for only 4 months and her mom said - She got all straight A's in her report card this marking period. I've never seen straight A's in my daughter's report card since 3rd grade. It goes to say that there is something about the program - that it just works. 

Kumon has given our family the most precious gift ever...

Jasmine graduates from 8th grade this Friday. She ends the year with all A's and A . She is graduating with the 3rd highest GPA out of an 8th grade class of 47 kids.

She has basically been a Straight A student with a couple of A- since coming to Kumon. This is with her dancing 4 days a week at PACC, attending Religious Ed classes weekly and completing over 60 hours of community service this year. This does not include her squeezing in her typical teen activity going to the mall, movies, parties and having sleepovers.

Kumon has really given our family the most precious gift ever...
" A foundation to help a student achieve academic consistency"
        Thank you. Tee (parent)

Math & Reading G by 5 in a year! Way to go Siri


Siri started Kumon in June of 2011 when she was in 3rd grade. She mastered the skill of working on Kumon curriculum with diligence and was able to get to G by 5 for both Math and Reading by 5th grade. She also thinks Kumon has helped her with daily practice and she has the edge as compared to other students in her class. She was also named Noetic Competition National winner last year. Way to go, Siri!! It pays to work hard.

Sneha - G by 5 math completer


Sneha started Kumon in Sept. 2012 in Level C and was able to complete her G by 5 in less than a year. What an accomplishment!! She managed to complete 4 levels in 10 months. Sneha is also on  her school swim team and a regular participant in competitions. Congratulations Sneha!

Luke - G by 5 Star Student


Luke completed his Level G (pre-algebra level) by 5th grade in May 2013. Luke started Kumon in December, 2010 when he was in 3rd grade and in a very short period reached the Advanced Student Honor Roll and sustained his ASHR ranking ever since. In February of this year, his eyes twinkled when I mentioned, "You have about 4 months to get to G by 5 in Math." He said,"Do you think I can do it?" Well the answer was evident. Luke's parents have been instrumental in helping Luke get to this incredible milestone by being consistent with the program.
We are very proud of your achievement, Luke!! We will see you at the finish line.

Evani - G by 5 - Reading


Evani D. received her G by 5 in reading in Summer of 2013. She started Kumon in Sept. 2011 in reading. She has a flare for writing and I always tell her, that she creates masterpieces with Book Tracker assignments. She is aspiring to complete her Kumon Reading program. Great going Evani - Keep up your good work!

G by 5 Achiever


Congratulations to Megha on adding the Math G by 5 jewel in her crown of achievements! She has won several awards in the past year, including the one in the state-wide 5th Grade Essay Contest. The 17th Annual 5th Grade Essay Contest was held at a ceremony in the Old Judiciary Room of the State Capitol.

Neel does it again!

Neel J 200 Math

Neel did it again! With a strong belief that his accuracy with critical reading & his math abilities are a direct reflection of Kumon, he completes his J200 in Math. He has bagged some of the very prestigious awards to list a few - Excellence in Math, Science Fair, Spanish National Honor society. He wishes to pursue Biomedical Engineering and we are confident his dreams will come true!

Keerthi Yalamanchali - J200 Reading program

Keerthi Yalamanchali

Kiki, as we call her, completed her J200 Reading program level and is working towards her reading program completion. She will add her name to the roster of another 4 more students in the Kumon Reading program completion. Congratulations Kiki! Keep up that beautiful smile and hard work and we will be right beside you to the finish line!

It was a big day for the Yalamanchali's as Kiki and Tej celebrate their victories.

Devanshi - J200 Math

Devanshi J200 Math

Nehal, Devanshi's mom says "She wants to be a lawyer or at least that's the hope". We are most certain Devanshi is carving her path to her career. Devanshi has changed at least (if not more) 15 schools due to their family business. However, the Kumon program has been a steady learning in her life. Kumon has not only helped in Math and Reading but also other subjects. She has won the school spirit honor. She recently completed her J200 in Math and is moving slowly but steadily to complete her Reading program. 

Congratulations to Amitra! Reading Program Completer


Amitra started Kumon in April 2015 and completed her Reading Program in March 2017, in a little under 2 years. Her perseverance and dedication got her placed in a very competitive high school. Congratulations, Amitra! You're a great role model to our Kumon students. 

G by 5 Adith V.

Adith G by 5

Adith V. started Kumon in Aug. 2011 after hearing about Kumon from a dear friend.He completed his G by 5 in August 2012, in merely a year. Velavan, Adith's father feels strongly about the program and definitely thinks that Kumon has helped Adith to be more focused and organized. Adith loves his Soccer and playing drums. Science happens to be his favorite. He has won several awards at the state level and to name a few, the Secretary of State writing award. Congratulations Adith! 

Max receives an award at his annual award school ceremony - summer 2019!

Within one year, Max went from not liking math to receiving an award at his annual award ceremony at school. His mom sent me an email - " Max will be receiving an award. It still a surprise for me. I don’t know for what but it is welcome. Thanks and I am very grateful to kumon and you because it has an important part on getting the award" 

Tej Yalamanchili Wins the Regional Spelling Bee!

Tej - Regional Spelling Bee Champ!!

Tej Yalamanchili, a 3rd grader from Kumon of Trumbull, CT participated in the North South foundation Spelling Bee competition held in Shelton on May 12th. He won 3rd place after going through some gruesome words "Incredulous, Grotesqueness, Enzyme, Libertarian, Episode". Tej got a whopping 26 out of 31 in both written and oral tests combined!! Tej is currently working in Level DI - which is equivalent of 4th Grade Reading in Kumon. 

Top performers will be invited to participate in the Nationals which will be held in August at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI. Way to go Tej!! We are very proud of your achievement!!

Devanshi Thakkar - J200 Reading achievement award!

Devanshi Thakkar

Devanshi Thakkar completed her J200 Reading in Dec. 2011! Congratulations Devanshi! Devanshi has worked very hard through all her levels starting at Level AI just a couple of years ago to make it to Level J. In Level J she's learning Critical Reading Skill Block. She aspires to complete her Reading and Math Kumon programs. Go for it Devanshi- We know you can do it!

Working towards a set goal! - Congrats Alysha

Alysha is very creative and has been very interested in her dance & music. Alysha joined Kumon about a year ago and worked tremendously hard to achieve her G by 5 - Math Elite Star from Kumon. She has a very strong goal in mind and her parents know how important it is to do well in Math at school. Mona and Rajesh are very proud of her achievement and they know that once Alysha sets her mind to something - she gets it done. We are very proud of Alysha's achievement and wish her the very best and on her route to Math program completion!

I just like to focus and get my work done - nothing around bothers me

Jonathan started his Kumon studies last year and his goal was to get to "G by 5" in math. His mantra has been work hard, focus on your problems at hand and don't get distracted.

His parents have been dedicated Kumon parents and believe in the Kumon method. Their encouragement and committment to the program is evident in Jonathan's remarkable achievement.

Jonathan dedicates anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes each day to Kumon Math. Other than Kumon, Jonathan enjoys playing basketball, lacrosse, and soccer.

"Kumon has helped Jonathan tremendously with his school work.  He has been placed in the "advanced Math" class in 6th grade this year.  It has helped him do better on not only his Math tests but his other subjects as well." says Michelle. Jonathan has more confidence in himself now and does much better on standardized tests.

Jonathan's "Words of Wisdom" for his fellow class mates would be to never give up on yourself.  Even when it seems impossible to understand, just keep trying and you will get it.

Kumon helps me keep my Favorite Game scores! - Way to go Rishabh.

Asking Rishabh what he likes to do - his answer would be to enjoy sports on TV and play tennis!  His father, Srikath once told me he likes to keep statistics and scores of his favorite players.

Rishabh has been doing Kumon since he has been in Kindergarten. His parents are very diligent and make sure he understands the concepts before he masters his skills. The instructor at his Kumon center, Raj, takes pride in knowing his love for statistics and sports and wants to nurture his talent in Math. He completed his G by 5 and is a Math Elite, while he was still in 4th grade. He is working on pre-algebraic concepts and numberlines come easy to Rishabh. He's opened himself up to tremendous opportunities in the field of Math.

Prashanti adds that Rishabh spends about 15-20 min everyday. With Prashanti and Srikanth - it's important that he did his work everyday and they provide the environment at home to nurture his talent and reward him by letting him watch sports on TV. Little incentives go a long way for children who are working above their grade level and striving to achieve remarkable academic heights.

Rima, Rishabh's younger sister, takes pride in knowing her brother is a Math Wiz and she's gaining a strong footing with the Kumon program herself.

"Kumon has helped a lot with his math and he spends more time with other subjects", says Prashanti. "Even though it's not your school work and no other kid is doing it in your class it's worth doing Kumon because it helps a lot for now and later."

We at Kumon of Trumbull are very proud of his achievement and wish him good luck on to his journey to be one of our Kumon Program completers.

I can do Math in a snap!

Thanks Ms. Raj for being my Kumon teacher. I now can do math in a snap!!  A 3rd grader doing long division with simplicity and ease. 

A proud moment!

I just want to share with you how pleased I am with Kumon.  My son and daughter have improved tremendously not only in math but also in their confidence level.  My daughter has been asked by the teacher to help her with other students in math.  She is now able to win first place in math games done among the students in class.  She is a much happier child and she strives to be a leader in her class.

My son has improved his math skills tremendously as well.  He is no longer frustrated when taught new math concepts.  He now has the base with which he can build on to learn new math skills.  He is much more confident of himself now.  He just won a 100% participation award in a school program this week.  He was competing against 17 other classmates.  He used to be a child that was so shy he could not look at anyone.  Now, he has reached a huge milestone in that he has excellent participation in class as well.

It has been about 5 months since we started Kumon, the results have been amazing.  Raj and her team at the Trumbull Kumon Center are a great group of teachers.  They are positive and encouraging to the children.


A proud Kumon Mom

Congratulations Daniel for completing Kumon Reading Program

Daniel C.

Way to go Daniel!! With your hard work, perseverance, 100% homework completion and great attitude towards learning, you've earned the Kumon Reading Program completion! We will see you at the finish line for Math next. 

Pranav puts his Kumon skills to test at a National level


May 22, 2012 ~
Pranav, a second grade student enrolled at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Trumbull, CT, enjoys putting the critical thinking and problem solving skills he’s gained in Kumon to the test.  He recently competed against 2,840 of his peers in the 2012 Noetic Learning Math Contest, and was named to the National Honor Roll for scoring in the top 10% of his grade level.

The Noetic Learning Math Contest is a biannual math challenge for elementary students, where the goal is to increase students’ interest in math and inspire them to excel, much like in Kumon. Pranav was given 45 minutes to solve 20 problems covering a range of academic skills, including: computation, number properties, patterns, algebra, geometry, measurement, probability and statistics.  In addition to an excellent grasp of the math concepts covered, Pranav needed a great deal of focus to score as well as he did, which he feels he’s developed in Kumon.
Pranav’s parents first enrolled his sister, Geethika, in Kumon to develop academic excellence, and later enrolled Pranav in the math program with the same goal.  They quickly noticed that beyond excelling in their academics, both children became more focused and had a much higher level of concentration.
Pranav’s instructor, Raj Honnaya, has also seen him grow with the program, saying, “Pranav is a very conscientious child and very diligent with his Kumon work. These are some of the skills that are essential when participating in national competitions. He also has a good support system at home with his older sister and supportive encouraging parents, Reshmi and AnilKumar.”
While Pranav’s parents hope that he and his sister be successful and find happiness in whatever they do, he is dreaming of becoming a doctor or a veterinarian, for now!