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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Buda's Story


Buda started at Kumon of Vancouver - North when he was just four years old. We welcomed him graciously into our Early Learning department, entirely unaware of the impressive feats he would accomplish in the years to come. Today, he is eleven years old and studying Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Imagine a 5th grader computing math problem and understanding concepts most often reserved for high school aged students. In fact, his spectacular success at Kumon in both math and reading has allowed him to advance to 7th grade in the fall while the rest of his classmates will only be entering 6th grade. There is no doubt he will be both a math and reading program completer. 

We asked Buda what Kumon means to him:

"Kumon helps me in a lot of areas. Writing essays and book reports in school is much easier because of all the work I have done in the reading program. This Kumon center is special, too. The staff are very welcoming, and their help makes it easier for kids to do work on their own."

When Buda grows up, he wants to be an astronaut. His journey here at Kumon, though not over yet, has surely given him a strong foundation to achieve his wildest dreams. 

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Abigail's Story

In 2015, we met Abigail. Her grandmother was on a business trip and heard the great testimonial of a Kumon parent sitting next to her on the plane. The following Monday, she was in our center registering her granddaughter for class. She started at only four years old in the early learning department. Abigail was excelling in ways her parents, and us at Kumon, had never seen before; she was flying through both the math and reading programs. Lightyears ahead of her classmates, Abigail has completed the Kumon reading program at only eleven years old. She was reading and comprehending texts typically reserved for high school aged students: William Golding's Lord of the Flies, John Fowles' The French Lieutenant's Woman, William Shakespeare's Macbeth, etc. Her success is impressive, and she is just getting started. 

It is evident the abundant positive effects that Kumon has had on Abigail's education. She has reached level J by sixth grade in both math and reading, which is a huge accomplishment within the Kumon franchise. The sky is the limit with this bright mind, she is off to do spectacular things. 

Charis's Story


A bright and curious young mind, Charis is an example of the success that comes with maintaining strong study habits at Kumon. She is incredibly driven and hardworking, and it has truly paid off. She is currently studying two years above grade level in reading and five years above grade level in math. Charis is doing complex and advanced algebraic expressions before even starting middle school. 

Kumon has pushed Charis to take ownership over the future of her own education. "I want to be ahead in school. I do Kumon so that things will be easier for me down the road," she says. "By advancing above my grade level, I am able to study beyond the material taught to my peers. Kumon has opened more opportunities for me within my school. More than that, I have learned important time management skills that will help me in many other areas in my life."

According to Charis, Kumon of Vancouver - North is special because "the staff members are very helpful and Miss Connie works hard to make this center so awesome. She puts a lot of time into helping her students succeed."

She is currently using her Kumon confidence to inspire new projects in her community. Charis is a founding member of I.F. Robotics, a new FIRST Tech Challenge team. Though they are small in numbers, this team is a true powerhouse. Along with her three teammates, Charis searches for new opportunities in the greater Vancouver area to inspire kids and adults to be excited about STEM. Whether it's at the local farmer's market or right here at Kumon, Charis is dedicated to sharing the joy and great wonder surrounding the vastly expanding field. When she grows up, Charis wants to be a Dermatologist. 

Ben's Story

Ben came Kumon of Vancouver - North in 2017 as a math student. After his placement test, we analyzed his results to determine the best starting point, which happened to be a year below grade level. He established strong study habits and before we knew it, Ben was flying through our curriculum, advancing through levels in record time. Over the years we watched and encouraged him to keep going with his work. As a fifth grader, he began studying the first concepts of algebra. 

Toru Kumon set out to create strong individuals when he founded the Kumon Method. Through individual determination and self-study, Ben not only caught up to his peers, but he has now surpassed them in math. Advancement in the Kumon math program has required Ben to stay focused and driven, and it has not always been easy. But Ben does not give up. This spirit, this excitement for learning, is exactly what Kumon is all about. 

Jo's Story


Jo is another one of our students who has reached level J by 6th grade, an international milestone and goal set for Kumon students. He arrived at our center about three years ago, when he was studying three years above grade level in math. Today, he is studying algebraic equations and understanding concepts that are taught in 10th grade math classes. That's five years above grade level in math. 

For Jo, the value of Kumon reaches far beyond the classroom walls. "Kumon will most definitely help me in the future," he expressed. "Having a Kumon diploma on my resume shows that I am a hard worker. The math and reading skills I have learned will also help me in every area of life."

Compared to the center Jo first started at, Kumon of Vancouver - North holds a special place in his heart. "Many of the workers here are former Kumon students themselves and they really know how to help students with their work because they have already completed the level or worksheet."