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Center Resources


pdf Kindergarten 4 Ways Kumon Helps Preschoolers
Our methods support preschooler stamina and endurance to write for longer and helps make learning fun!
pdf Kindergarten Readiness Phonics Charts with Audio
Letter sounds, Double Consonant Sounds and Double vowel Sounds with audio support to listen and repeat sounds for better pronunciation.


pdf Math Study Facts: Addition,Subtraction,Multiplicat
Practice your Math study facts for the four operations. Students can fold the sheet over to review without seeing the answers. Develop speed in addition and division by memorizing the answers like you would multiplication! Happy Learning!
pdf Tips at Home for Pre-Reader Students
Kumon at home can be quite an adventure for young children(and their parents). Time is spent establishing a routine, developing proper study habits and creating lasting motivation.
pdf Parents Tips for Pre-Schoolers enrolled in Reading
This guide show's detailed tips of each of the phonics video clips for each.
pdf Parent Tips for Pre-schooler enrolled in Math
This guide shows detailed tips of each of the pre-addition levels plus video clips for each.