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About the Instructor


My name is Christina Toyama and I am a second-generation instructor!

Biography and Background

Mrs. Toyama

My background consists of having a Masters degree and 13 years of experience with the Department of Education as an elementary and high school teacher. Kumon has been a part of my life from being a student to becoming an instructor. As a success story of Kumon, I have realized how much I benefited personally and am confident that I can help all children reach their potential not only to be successful in school, but in life. 

As a mother of two boys, I have seen the Kumon Method nurture my own children’s overall development to self-learn and advance beyond their grade level. My oldest son was in the 5th grade when he completed the Math Program. I have witnessed how it contributes to his confidence and his ability to thrive and achieve his goals. Without hesitation, I am confident in their abilities to be able to do high school math with ease and fulfill this aim of the program. 

I truly enjoy seeing students realize their abilities to learn at their own pace with every concept and to watch their confidence and determination grow. Through the worksheets, I am able to create individualized lessons that will help students progress through the basic foundations of math and reading and grow to independent learners. When parents see students analyze problems they’ve never encountered and have the ability to figure them out on their own, they realize how their child is equipped for the future. While Kumon is not a quick fix, and it isn’t always easy, it is definitely rewarding!