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About theInstructor


As an extensively trained and certified professional instructor, I serve as a mentor who guides your children through their work while also providing direction, support and encouragement. I create an at-home study plan in addition to monitoring classroom assignments, and I emphasize the importance of accurately completing each assignment within a designated time frame. This has helped many of my students increase self-confidence, thus becoming more self-reliant. Like all Kumon Instructors, I have a true passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed.

Biography and Background

Lead Instructor - Reeba Lambert
Reeba Lambert Dec 2017

Miss Reeba is an Electrical Engineer who spent almost 25 years of her career with Eaton Corporation, in the Manufacturing and Distribution industry.  During her time at Eaton she held jobs in Sales, Marketing, Electrical Design, Training, Talent Development, and ran a $400M business, living in 11 different cities across the US.

Miss Reeba's family has been involved with Kumon for a number of years - her sister, Miss Reena Thomas, has run the Kumon of Augusta-Martinez (GA) Center for almost 10 years and her mother, Miss Regina, ran a Center for a few years in Augusta GA as well.  

Miss Reeba and her husband Dave have 2 daughters - Myla who is almost 5 and Ava who is 3.  After seeing a need for a Kumon Center in the Wake Forest area, she left Corporate America to pursue her true passion in developing people, by opening the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Wake Forest - Heritage Station.

Miss Reeba is active in both the local community and at her children's school.  She is passionate about building confidence in children, the Kumon philosophy and is excited to start a new chapter in her life as a Kumon Instructor!

Training and Certification

Miss Reeba has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Union College (Schenectady, NY) and an MBA in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh.  Her strong educational background, combined with a broad career at Eaton have prepared her well to run a Kumon Center.  Her passion for and love of developing children make her well suited to help her Kumon students reach their full potential.

Miss Reeba has completed the Kumon Instructor Development Program, including hands on training at various other Kumon Centers.