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Incentive Programs

My Center Rewards

West Linn Kumon Center Rewards

Our Award and Rewards Philosophy

Graded and corrected Kumon work is expected each day for a successful program. The learning and growth you get from your work is an intrinsic reward! But sometimes we all need a little extra motivation, and that is where extrinsic motivation comes into play. Our Center values rewards for good work. Sometimes, external motivation can mean the difference between drudgery and excitement, and we work to create the latter when possible!

Kumon Dollars

Kumon Dollars for Primary Instruction and Independent Students
We pay “Kumon Dollars” for completed packets after we record them in your score book. Completed work includes:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Preview
  • Start time
  • Neat work
  • End time
  • Graded
  • Corrected to 100%

1 complete assignment = $1
Extra $3 for a week of work and no missed assignments

When Gaby did her complete Kumon work all week, she earned: $7 plus $3 = $10
When Gaby missed 1 day of work and didn’t complete 1 assignment: $5 plus $0= $5
When Gaby brought back her complete Kumon Math and Reading work for every day of one week: $10 plus $10= $20

Passport to Success!

Passports: Extra credit for class attendance
We love seeing our students twice a week! Class time allows us to prepare work that is customized to each student’s needs for that week. Though sometimes it may be difficult to get your student to class, we will be rewarding our students extra credit for each class they attend. For every complete passport page, $35 extra Kumon Dollars will be rewarded.

Stickers for Early Learners!

Early Learner Sticker Maps
During class only, students will be able to accumulate stickers for their work. When they reach a star they get a "silver prize." A completed sticker map will earn them a "gold prize."

Award Ceremony and Yearly Ticket Raffle

We Love Recognizing Our Student's Amazing Accomplishments!
Every year we congratulate our students for their achievements at our Award Ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, one ticket will be drawn from all entries to win the grand prize! Tickets are awarded over the course of the year for:

  • Meeting/exceeding goals

  • Level Completion

  • Five books tracked at appropriate level for Reading students

  • Other accomplishments as per Instructor

kumon+ Student Loyalty Program

kumon+ logo

kumon+ is a loyalty program that rewards students for attending a Kumon Center. Think of it as a special club for Kumon Students - one that motivates them as they work through the Kumon program. Students earn points for every complete month they attend Kumon, plus bonus points for as long as they’re enrolled. These points can be traded in for exciting rewards. And if students are enrolled in our Math and Reading programs, they’ll earn points for both subjects. Every Kumon Student is a member of kumon+.

For more information on kumon+.

Advanced Student Honor Roll

The Advanced Student Honor Roll recognizes Kumon students working ahead of their school grade level. Ambitious students remain in the program in order to stay above their grade level. These students study more challenging material than they are receiving at school in pursuit of their academic aspirations.