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About the Instructor


Welcome to the Kumon Math and Reading Center of West Orange, NJ!  My name is Lawrence Ngan.  I am a “Kumon parent” and have experienced the Kumon success first hand.  Both my daughters have started in the Kumon Program at young ages.  Throughout the years, I have seen that they have acquired solid math and reading skills well beyond their school standards and have developed into independent learners because of Kumon.   While seeing other children struggling in transitioning to middle school and high school, my daughters were taking it in stride.

Knowing that all children can benefit from Kumon, I want to bring the same success to your child and have become a Kumon Instructor.  To ensure that your child is offered the best of Kumon, I have completed the comprehensive Kumon Instructor training which equips me with a thorough understanding of the Kumon Method and material.  Through this training, I have also learned from the past 60 years of Kumon history on what is the best way to administer the Kumon Method.

Prior to becoming a Kumon Instructor, I worked in a major international bank as a project manager with an MBA degree from the Stern School of Business of New York University and a computer science degree.  With my scientific background and experience in the real life business world, I know what your child needs to be successful in the future.  I firmly believe that Kumon can provide a lot of the important elements.

Yours truly,

Lawrence Ngan

Biography and Background

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  • IT Project Manager in major international banks
  • MBA degree from the Stern School of Business of New York University
  • Computer science degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong