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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


From Kumon Mom, Jane G. (8/5/2021)

"The Westchester Kumon Center is a fantastic resource. Due to the pandemic, we did not see much progression in my son's reading abilities between preschool and kindergarten. I became concerned so I first tried tutors and various other resources. It was not until my son began Kumon that reading "clicked" for him. He now looks forward to his daily Kumon ritual at home and is motivated to show progress during his weekly in-person class sessions. We are so grateful for Westchester Kumon and commend David and the other staff members for their excellence. I would highly recommend the program for any grade level."

From Kumon Mom, Carmen C. (5/4/2021)

"I was afraid my older son would fall behind during distance learning, but with Kumon he was able to stay ahead. It was such a task to get him to learn multiplication at home, but now after taking Kumon he's already mastering algebra. I have seen his confidence in school increase greatly, frequently participating in class and improving his grades.

As for my younger one, he wasn't able to count properly and now he's adding double digits. We owe a great thanks to David! He's so helpful and knowledgeable and always there to answer questions. To be honest, it wasn't easy to get the boys to do extra work aside from schoolwork, but if you trust the Kumon system and stick with it, you will definitely see the results!"

From Kumon Mom, Karolina C. (2/8/2021)

Student's painting

"We are very pleased with the results achieved after joining the Westchester center. My daughter jumped two levels up on her school reading and was recently awarded recognition from school for math achievement. She now feels very confident at school in both math and English. 

Because of the COVID situation we felt it was important to start early with our son, who is in kindergarten.  I don't think he would have made such progress in reading if it wasn't for the daily practice with his Kumon assignments."

From Kumon Mom, Alley M. (3/7/2019)

“My son has been attending Kumon for about 5 weeks and we've already seen drastic improvements in his reading and writing skills. He went from a level two at school to level nine! I'm really proud of the teaching at Kumon.  My son is learning so much. He will be caught up by the end of this school year.”

From Kumon Mom & Local College Professor, Gina J. (7/23/2018)

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with the foundation that the Kumon Math and Reading Programs have made in the lives of my two children over the past seven years. One of the reasons that I first started Kumon was because they attended a Spanish immersion school where English reading instruction did not begin until the second grade. My son started Kumon shortly before the first grade and was reading English within a few weeks!

Kumon has made learning at school so much easier and enjoyable. Many times, the subjects at school were to review the foundation they already had from Kumon. Their state test scores are extremely high and I am sure it is in part due to Kumon.”

From Kumon Mom, June L. (11/13/2018)

"My son was in the second grade when he started the Kumon Math Program, followed by the Reading Program. He stuck with the program until he was a junior in high school. Kumon not only helped improve his grades but also his confidence and self-esteem. (Full disclosure: I love the Kumon Center so much, I am now a classroom assistant here!)"

From Kumon Mom & Westchester Teacher, Jane E. (4/30/2017)

“My third-grader has been in the program for a year and we have been so pleased with her progress.  Kumon has helped her grow and gain confidence, not only with math, but with her overall work habits in school.  As an elementary school teacher, I have recommended Kumon to several parents and will continue to do so. Thank you, to you and your staff, for your amazing work!”

From Kumon Mom, Nakyshia L. (1/12/2017)

"We thank you and your staff for working with us to get our five-year-old son off to a great start. Kumon is amazing. At his first TK parent-teacher conference, his teacher was absolutely blown away; not only by his reading performance, but by his eagerness to learn as well. She assessed his reading comprehension and informed us that he is performing at the second grade level!  In October, he was among the first students presented a reading academic medal by his school principal.” 

From Kumon Mom, Julie G. (5/18/2017)

“Instructor David ensures that your child excels in the subject matter. We started with reading and within three months, my six-year-old gained the confidence he needed to read and expand his vocabulary. We highly recommend Westchester Kumon.”

From Kumon Student, Anna O. (8/9/2016)


“I started Kumon in the 1st grade when I was having difficulty with basic math. After continuing with Kumon for 10 years, I completed the final math level (college equivalent calculus) in the 10th grade. I'll be attending UC Berkeley for mechanical engineering in the fall, with multiple scholarships. Kumon doesn't just help you develop technical math skills; it also teaches diligence, perseverance, and consistency. David is extremely kind, helpful, and adaptive, and made the experience a wonderful one!”

From Kumon Mom, Feben F. (10/29/2015)


"For over three years, my daughter Helina has greatly benefited from Kumon. Her grades have improved drastically, and she has gained life skills with independent learning, work ethic, and critical thinking. She is now in 10th grade enrolled in advance classes. Thanks to Kumon, she is managing the challenges with so much ease. Thank you Westchester Kumon!"

From Kumon Mom, Tara R. (1/23/2014)

"My intention in enrolling my daughter in Kumon was to bring her up to her grade level and within 1 year she is ahead!  Most importantly, Kumon has taught her (and me) that by working hard and persevering, she will succeed (and has).  She recently said to me "Mom, I never thought I would say this, but I am glad you put me in Kumon"."

From Kumon Mom, Donelda C. (2/16/2014)

"My daughter started Kumon Math after completing the 2nd grade because I saw that she was losing confidence in school and lacked a mastery of basic math skills.  Currently as a 5th grader, her knowledge of math skills is solid and she is reaping the benefits of the hard work of the past 2 years in Kumon.   She now approaches school math with confidence.  Much of the work that is introduced in school is not new to her since she has already done it at Kumon.  Factoring and other concepts are easy and she gets through it quickly. I am confident that as she moves toward middle school, she is far more prepared in math than she would have been had we not started the Kumon Program."

From Kumon Mom, Dieema W. (7/13/2014)

"David, Kumon Instructor, has done a great job of managing my expectations and keeping my child motivated.  He has always been very responsive and honest.  I credit him with encouraging us not to give up and to push through because now we see the results of all the hard work."

From Kumon Mom, Yaya D. (6/11/2012)

"I have had much success with both my children in Kumon Reading and Math.  I believe that it is a work in progress for you and your child.  Instructor David at the Kumon Center is extremely flexible.  Kumon is a commitment for parents as well as children.  It takes time to see results, but it works, if you stick to the program.  The earlier you get your children to start, the better.  It is not always easy to get your kids to do homework daily but it is worth it.  I highly recommend Kumon and the Westchester Center."

From Kumon Mom, Sabine S. & Family (7/13/2012)

"Kumon has led both of our children to success in school! We started the program 2 years ago, enrolling them in both Reading & Math. Our 3rd grade daughter as well as our pre-K son moved forward steadily with the help of David and his awesome staff. They became more efficient, responsible and showed an increase in self esteem by reaching levels above school grade level. Every aspect is covered. They read fantastic stories, learn about different cultures and learn to comprehend and do math quickly. Since starting Kumon, we’ve had one amazing parent/teacher conference after the other. Gone are the days where we had to help with school homework or were uncertain if they've learned enough at school."

From Kumon Student, Freddy V. (2/2/2011)

"I am a sophomore in high school and I've been attending Kumon for about nine years, and have finished the Reading program and am currently in the last level of the math program. I started Kumon in kindergarten when I was struggling and since then I've been a top student and have been ahead in classes. Kumon has honestly helped my study habits and my efficiency in doing work with speed and accuracy. The benefits are long lasting and help in all situations."

From Kumon Dad, Eric M. (1/25/2011)

"Our daughter has been going to Westchester Kumon for eight years.  She began Kumon because she disliked, and could not understand math.  Now, she is on one of the highest levels and considers math her strongest subject.  The folks at the Westchester Kumon Center are great and they really care about the kids that go there.  We are so impressed with the program and think it would benefit any child who needs support with their math or reading."