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Kumon for your preschoolers’ kindergarten readiness – Get a Kumon Head Start!

Eighteen thousand incoming kindergartners were rated by their teachers on school-readiness behaviors. They were later given math and reading tests at the end of the school year. Kids with the lowest “Approaches to Learning” scores also scored the most poorly in math and reading tests.Conversely, kids with the highest scores did the best on their math and reading tests even through first grade. The research by the National Center for Education Statistics found that school-readiness behaviors at the beginning of kindergarten go hand-in-hand with academic performance and that trend continues through multiple school years.

Get a Kumon Head Start for your child. Get your child ready for kindergarten and confident to succeed in life.

What should parents know about getting ready for kindergarten? The National Center for Education Statistics who conducted the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study found the following behaviors are related to academic performance: 

•             Pay attention well

•             Learn independently

•             Persist in completing tasks 

•             Organize belongings 

•             Adapt easily to change

•             Show eagerness to learn new things

•             Follow classroom rules

Most early education programs and preschools will guide kids to follow classroom rules, be flexible to new routines, and be enthusiastic about learning. Kumon does even more to enable preschoolers to be prepared for kindergarten. Kumon gives children an academic advantage due to the focus on enhancing attentiveness, strengthening perseverance when completing tasks,fostering independent learning, and promoting organizational skills. 

With over 50 years of helping children learn, with a universal Kumon method that has been working in over 49 countries for a current student population of over 4 million worldwide…Kumon will work for your child.

School success depends not only on knowledge and skills, but also on the habits and attitudes with which students approach learning.Evidence shows that characteristics including attentiveness, persistence, and independence go hand-and-hand with higher scores in math and reading —beginning as early as kindergarten and at least through the end of first grade.These results are leading some states to make early education available to greater numbers of children.

The Kumon Reading Program begins at the preschool level by having children connect words to familiar objects. The assignments build incrementally, with each worksheet teaching a lesson that’s one small step more advanced than the lesson before, reducing the likelihood of students hitting a wall and becoming discouraged. To help encourage reading at an early age, Kumon parents can take advantage of resources like Kumon’s Recommended Reading List,which has a section dedicated to read-aloud books.

Being enrolled in both the Kumon Math and Reading programs is necessary to develop the whole child. The Kumon Math Program develops strong problem-solving and calculation skills from the four basic operations through algebra and to calculus. The Kumon Reading Program builds excellent reading ability from understanding basic sentences to critically reading advanced literary texts. These skills learned through both programs are essential for long-term academic success. Invest now in your child’s long-term learning!

For students to begin learning their letters and numbers and writing them correctly, proper pencil grip and a certain level of pencil skills are needed.  Kumon’s Level Z can help students develop pencil skills through the practice of scribbling and drawing lines, curves, and angles in a fun, colorful, and engaging way. In combination with other activities that advance motor skill development, Level Z will prepare students to write their letters and numbers for the first time with excitement and confidence.

For some of you, kindergarten is just around the corner.Take action now and get your child ready for school and academic success. If you enroll in the Kumon Reading Program between February 1-29, 2016, you will get 50% off the registration fee. That’s a $25 savings.

Find out more about how Kumon can work for your child by scheduling a free parent orientation.

How to Enroll Your Child

Step 1
Call the center to book a free Parent Orientation and Placement Test for your child.
Step 2
Attend the Parent Orientation, and have your child take the placement test. Meet with your instructor to learn about Kumon’s individualized learning method, and review the results from your child’s placement test.
Step 3
Review your child’s progress goal plan. Based on your child’s placement test results, the instructor will create a one-year academic plan to help your child reach his or her goals.
Step 4
Enroll your child. Students will attend the center twice a week, and complete daily assignments at home. Your instructor will design an individualized lesson plan for your child that will be monitored, and changed as needed to be sure he or she is on track to reach his or her goals.
Step 5
Schedule your 30-day post-enrollment meeting. Your instructor will set a date to meet with your family after 30 days of enrollment to evaluate your child’s performance and ensure the program is going smoothly.