Kumon Parent

You are here because you care deeply about your child’s education. You want to help your child realize his or her potential that you’ve seen all along. At Kumon, we want the same bright future for your child — a future marked by increased self-confidence, motivation, and an insatiable passion for learning that will take your child far.

We know that our program requires a special commitment on your part. We want to work with you every step of the way so your child can truly flourish on his or her journey to become a lifelong self-learner.

Tips for Doing Kumon at Home:

Establish a routine with your child.

Getting into a daily routine is the first step to becoming a successful student. With a well-established routine, your child will keep up with the work and progress.

Celebrate small and large victories.

Look for opportunities to praise your child’s progress, not just achievement.

Help your child.

Children in Math levels 6A to 5A or Reading levels 7A to 3A will need extra guidance at home from parents.

Maintain regular communication with your Instructor about homework, motivation, curriculum, or anything else.

Questions Frequently Asked by Kumon Parents

Education Specialist, Mary Mokris, Ph.D, answers commonly asked questions from Kumon parents.

Printable FAQ for Parents

No time to watch the videos? Download the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions by Kumon Parents.

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    Will Kumon replicate my child’s school curriculum?
  • 2
    How long will it take for my child to catch up to grade level?
  • 3
    Why isn’t my child progressing faster with Kumon?