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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

Josie McCarthy

Studying Three Years Above Her Grade Level, This Student Helps Her Peers

Josie, 10-years-old, Math Level H, Reading Level G
Josie is 10-years-old, studying three years above her grade level in the Kumon Program. In fact, she’s studying the same math material that her mom, who is an eighth grade teacher, teaches her students. Imagine that, a 10-year-old transforming equations, working with linear functions and simplifying monomials


Meet Marco, a Program Completer, Who Inspired Other Family Members to Reach their Highest Potential with Kumon

Before enrolling in Kumon, Marco struggled in school because he lacked key learning skills. Kumon helped him discover a love for learning by setting goals and working to achieve them. He completed the entire Kumon Program by the time he was 12-years-old. His success inspired his mother, father and other siblings to join in


Defying Age Limits: How One Student Conquered the Stage and Academics

Leya, 12-years-old, Level K
At 12-years-old, Leya was the youngest member of a prestigious international dance production performing Bharathanatym, an Indian classical dance. It was there she received the opportunity to perform with many accomplished artists in the field. Her young age didn’t deter her focus. Something she has already learned in Kumon.
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Meet Oliver, an Aquarist with Aspirations of Becoming a Marine Biologist

Oliver completed the Kumon Reading Program in the fourth grade and is four levels away from completing the Kumon Math Program. A boy wise beyond his years, Kumon has motivated him to enjoy the journey and not just the end result.

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