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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

Education Holds the Key to this Kumon Student’s Future

Patel, 13-years-old, Math Level L, Reading Program Completer

Hard working,
 confident, and independent are only a
few words to describe 13-year-old Kushal. Though he enjoys typical youth
activities like reading, tennis, fencing, and playing the guitar, Kushal’s
mindset is well above his


Hard Work is Among the Core Values of this Bright Kumon Student

Claire, Math Level L

Family stories are
the best. Especially the ones that make you laugh, smile, and bring to life
many unforgotten memories. Claire’s favorite story is her grandfather’s. Since
graduating high school, Claire’s grandfather has never stopped working.
Starting out with nothing but the clothes

Young girl wearing striped shirt and a navy blue cardigan. She has one hand on her face as if she's thinking while sporting her black square glasses.

Kumon Student on a Self-Paced Journey to Success

Mimansa, 11-years-old, Math Level N, Reading Program Completer

Success is defined
differently by everyone. To 11-year-old Mimansa, success means accomplishing
goals purposely, efficiently, and at her own pace.

Mimansa juggles multiple weekly soccer practices, ballet classes, and even uses her


Independence and Confidence are the Key to this Future Engineer’s Motivation

Shrishant, 12-years-old, Math Level M & Reading Program Completer 

12-year-old Shrishant is prepared to take on any challenge that is thrown his way. Whether he’s competing in a school spelling bee, entering a creative writing contest, or even participating in a speech competition, Shrishant always remains confident. He is dedicated to give it his all, no matter the challenge.