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Photos of three boys with the title, "Kumon Students Aim to Educate Peers Through the Power of Social Media"

Kumon Students Aim to Educate Peers Through the Power of Social Media

When the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down much of the world in
March of 2020, students across North America abruptly transitioned to carrying
out both schoolwork and other hobbies at home.

While familiarizing themselves with this new and temporary
way of life was no easy task, three


Kumon Student Uses Independent Learning Skills to Thrive During Distance Learning

10 years old, Kumon Math Level I

Imagine having to
make new friends after skipping a grade in school. Luckily, for 10-year-old
Aria, conquering challenges is a skill she has mastered over time. After her
second-grade teacher discovered


Young Kumon Math Student’s Self-Learning Skills Help Him Flourish

10-year-old Julien, Math Level J 

Julien’s advanced math abilities were noticed very early on in his life, when it was discovered that math was his gift. At just four years old, he started mental addition of double-digit numbers before teaching himself to do mental multiplication.  

Once he reached first grade, Julien asked


Kumon Student Shares More Than Just A Name with Her Biggest Inspiration

Tatum, 13 years old, Kumon Math Level J

Tatum’s middle
name is very special to her: Beryl. She shares this name with her biggest
inspiration, Beryl Markham, the first female bush pilot in Kenya. Markham also
happens to be the first person to