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Michael Sitting on a Chair
Discovering True Potential: An Early Learner’s Journey through Kumon
In many ways, Michael is a typical eight-year-old boy. He enjoys playing baseball and basketball and participating in cub scouts.
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Child Reading
Fear of math word problems? Why developing reading ability may be the solution to help your child.
Can you solve this word problem? A pen and a pencil cost one dollar and twenty cents in total. The
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Meet Angela and Christina, Sisters Who Benefited from Kumon in Completely Different Ways
Diagnosed with autism at the age of three, Angela enrolled in Kumon for the life skills. Her younger sister, Christina,
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4 Ways Kumon Helps Preschoolers Develop Important Handwriting Skills
As we watch three-year-olds easily navigate iPads and teens communicate primarily through smart phones, it’s easy to question the value
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Josie McCarthy
Studying Three Years Above Her Grade Level, This Student Helps Her Peers
Josie, 10-years-old, Math Level H, Reading Level G Josie is 10-years-old, studying three years above her grade level in the
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Ring in the New Year with Kumon’s Goal Setting Tips Roundup
A radiant ball lit by 32,256 LED lamps descends 141 feet in 60 seconds, while an entire country reflects on
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Meet Marco, a Program Completer, Who Inspired Other Family Members to Reach their Highest Potential with Kumon
Before enrolling in Kumon, Marco struggled in school because he lacked key learning skills. Kumon helped him discover a love
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Fun and Easy Tips to Keep Kids Learning during the Holiday Season
Sleigh bells ringing, chestnuts roasting, snow is falling—it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is an
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Defying Age Limits: How One Student Conquered the Stage and Academics
Leya, 12-years-old, Level K At 12-years-old, Leya was the youngest member of a prestigious international dance production performing Bharathanatym, an
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