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Harvest The Colors of Fall Activity Sheet

Bring the colors of fall to life by solving the math problems in this activity sheet! Each equation’s answer will correspond to an autumnal shade for you to color in order to help this fall setting bloom.

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Halloween: Trick or Treat? Activity Sheet

Halloween is filled with tricks and treats! This one is surely a trick. While these spooky equations are simple math problems, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Icon equations challenge not only your child’s math skills but also push their critical thinking skills to the test.


Today I Learned Activity Sheet

Journaling your daily thoughts and activities can be very helpful. It’s proven to improve mental well-being, plus can help keep note of what you’ve achieved. For children, it can be a good way to reflect on what they’ve learned daily throughout the school year. Whether they’ve learned something academically or


3 Wishes For The New School Year Activity Sheet

Brainstorming and setting goals can help prepare students for a successful school year. Goals are like wishes that can be turned into reality, of course, if students put their minds to it! We’ve made it easy and fun for your children to map out their goals this school year with