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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

Marcus and Xavier: Individuals in their own right, but on the same path towards learning success

Marcus and Xavier are seven year old twin brothers who light up their local Kumon Math & Reading Center with their wit and charm. Marcus gave his Kumon Instructor a chuckle when he told her he was too tired to get his Kumon homework 100 percent correct. Xavier is good humored and studious. Their individuality


How One Girl’s Love for Reading Led Her to Become the Scripps National Spelling Bee Winner

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”—Emilie Buchwald
Anupama began reading to her daughter, Ananya, as a baby. She would take her to the public library every week to pick out books to take home. Reading became a special bonding moment between the mother and daughter. Little did Anupama know, she


Following your dreams: Meet 10-year-old author, Roohi

“Sometimes there really is a whole other world out there, waiting to be discovered.” Escaping the Clouds by Roohi Sanka
The most serendipitous moments can sometimes open possibilities beyond our imagination. When Roohi was six years old, an author visited her school and Roohi made up her mind to become a writer. As many parents


Dual Program Completer’s Love of Music Leads to Giving Back

A native of the Cincinnati area of Ohio, Natasha has been an avid piano player since the age of four. She has wowed the audience through six solo performances at the world-famous venue Carnegie Hall. Natasha says on getting nervous, “I don’t really feel the pressure because I actually enjoy playing the piano. I want