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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

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Motivated by his Peers, this Kumon Student Wants to be an Architect and a Doctor

Alan, 10-years-old, Level J Math and Level I Reading 

There are many things that keep Alan motivated. He has short term goals of completing the next level in Kumon. He has long-term goals of completing the entire Kumon Math and Reading Program before high school. He has a dream of becoming an architect someday, which he’ll need

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This Student Learned the Power of a Routine with Kumon

Soccer practice at 3p.m., violin lessons at 4:30p.m., Spanish class at 6p.m. Does this schedule seem familiar? Children today have a reputation for being overbooked, with some parents even facing criticism for putting their kids in too many activities. Is there a point when extracurricular activities become too much?

Kailaash thought that point came

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Her Musical Performances Transform Audiences, but Her Academic Abilities Will Change the World

Rin, 12-years-old, Level L Math 
At just 12-years-old, Rin is wise beyond her years. She’s not only gifted in the classroom, but she’s also received accolades that many aspiring adult musicians dream of achieving.  

After enrolling in Kumon when she was five years old, Rin quickly obtained a strong foundation in math and reading, and to

Reyshum and Naveen with paint on their hands

How These Sisters’ Constrasting Perspectives Have Led to Success in Kumon

Sisters Reyshum and Naveen are complete opposites. Reyshum prefers long hair, but Naveen keeps hers short. Reyshum enjoys the challenge of competitive swimming, while Naveen enjoys the freedom of hip hop dancing. Reyshum loves Kumon, but Naveen dislikes having to do worksheets every day. Despite their differences, they both agree on one thing—Kumon works.