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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

Meet Tiffany, at 14-years-old, She Speaks Four Languages

Tiffany first enrolled in Kumon at the age of five because English wasn’t her first language. With each step of improved confidence, she completed the Kumon Reading Program and today enjoys writing poems and short stories.

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Meet Michael, a 12-year-old Studying Advanced Algebra after One Year in Kumon

Michael is the perfect example that not all Kumon Students are the same. His parents first enrolled him in Kumon for extra help with his math and reading skills. His Instructor quickly realized his potential and her individualized lesson planning helped him achieve more than he ever imagined.

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Learning without Limits: This 6th Grader is Taking College Courses

Luca, 12-years-old, Level J
One of the founding principles of the Kumon Method is to instill a love of learning in youth. Kumon did just that for Luca. At 12-years-old, he’s enrolled in college courses at his local community college. That’s on top of his regular schoolwork, coding courses and his Kumon assignments.
“Each class,


Marcus and Xavier: Individuals in their own right, but on the same path towards learning success

Marcus and Xavier are seven year old twin brothers who light up their local Kumon Math & Reading Center with their wit and charm. Marcus gave his Kumon Instructor a chuckle when he told her he was too tired to get his Kumon homework 100 percent correct. Xavier is good humored and studious. Their individuality