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Stories about REAL Kumon students and their success in school and beyond.

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Inspired by a Kumon Program Completer, This Student Became One Himself

Sebastian Estrada, 11-years-old, Reading Program Completer, Level J Math

11-year-old Sebastian has already done a lot for a student his age. He is a member of his school’s Battle of the Books Club, has earned Principal Honor Roll every year, is a competitive tennis player, and has won first place in his local Math


Meet Jessica, a Kumon Reading Program Completer Who Has a Way With Words

Jessica seems to excel at everything she does. She’s an award-winning violinist and pianist, has won medals with her rhythmic gymnastics team, and she even completed the Kumon Reading Program by the age of 10. Jessica, who dreams of becoming an author and songwriter, also has a way with words. She speaks

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How Developing Discipline in Kumon Helped This Student Succeed

Sarvagna Malladi, 11-years-old, Reading Program Completer, Level J Math

Sarvagna doesn’t believe in giving up. One of the most important things she’s learned in Kumon is discipline. She never skips an assignment or practice session, no matter how difficult or how busy she is. It’s that dedication and willfulness that helped Sarvagna complete the

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Discover How This Young Student Has Gained Independence in Math

Laiba Yousafzai, 11, Level O Math

11-year-old Laiba has been enrolled in the Kumon Math Program for just over two years. During her time at Kumon, she has not only gained a sense of independence, but also a level of confidence in math that has helped her achieve her academic goals. In just two