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About the Center


Students Become Self-Learners 

At Kumon Math and Reading Center of Arvada - West, we believe every child is capable of great things! Not only will our highly qualified and friendly Instructor help your child master math and reading concepts that are not typically covered in school, but he or she will learn how to learn. 

Experience 365 Days of Learning Power

A Kumon Instructor provides a customized curriculum for each student. By practicing every day, they develop powerful learning skills that make completing their regular schoolwork a breeze – which makes it easier on you! 

Skills That Last a Lifetime

Our Instructor will uncover the unique strengths each child has within them. Not only will your child develop strong academic skills and a passion for achievement in school and in extracurricular activities today, but in his or her chosen profession and life tomorrow. Give your child the opportunity to learn skills that will last a lifetime!

The Center’s Philosophy

Instructor Kiko Steinbarth feels that her center can be likened to a theater production, with students taking the leading role. The Instructor is the director, motivating students in their learning, while parents work "backstage" to support and direct their child. The center's support staff are the “audience”, witnessing students excel in ways parents may not have thought possible.

Come in soon to see our philosophy in action!

Price and Fees

The tuition at Kumon Math and Reading Center of Arvada - West is based on the length of the enrollment period.

A one-time Registration Fee of $50 and a Materials Fee of $30 are required upon enrollment.

First month and last month's deposits are required upon enrollment.

Please plan to attend Mondays and Wednesdays (2 center days physical classes per week), or 1 center day and 1 virtual class (Hybrid class).

We offer virtual classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Kumon Connect students  As we needed (Monday through Thursday and Saturday)

We also offer one-on-one sessions via ZOOM when students need immediate attention.

You can choose from regular Kumon program by worksheets or tablet study.

Elementary Students or after Kumon level 2A
One/two subjects $170/$320 per month

Pre-K and K* or before Kumon level 2A
One/two subjects $180/$340 per month



Class Timing:

1.    Monday and Wednesday, 3pm to 7pm, physical class and ZOOM virtual class

       Thursday, 3pm to 5pm, physical class

       Tuesday and Thursday, 4 to 5pm, ZOOM virtual class (by appointment)

2.    Duration of class – New Kumon Students: Kumon is an individualized program of study. Student class and homework time varies. Brand new students working at their “comfortable starting point” often spend less time in class than longer-term students. This helps students adjust to Kumon. Initially, expect 15-20 minutes, but this time will increase as students move into more complex concepts and grade levels.

3.    Duration of class – Experienced Kumon Students: Students studying new concepts or in more advanced study can expect to spend 20-45 minutes per subject, just like at home. Please work with the Instructor to reduce schedule conflicts with Kumon class, and to adjust workload to balance Kumon goals with student activities.

4.    Kumon Center Office Hours: The Instructor keeps office hours daily Monday to Thursday at Kumon of Arvada - West (10am - 8pm).

Class Expectations

1.    Students are expected to attend class twice per week. Excessive absences and missing assignments will cause students to fall behind and lose motivation. The instructor may dis-enroll students with excessive absenteeism.

2.    Kumon of Arvada - West uses a classroom approach for instruction.  Student independence and self-learning are core principles of the Kumon Method which involves individualized study, not one-on-one tutoring.

3.    The Instructor and Assistants circulate through the classroom to provide assistance, hints and tips to students. However, our goal is to help without helping – hints and examples, not answers. Students are also asked to try and figure out the problem on their own using provided examples. This stimulates self-learning.

4.    Students are expected to change out their own homework, and return completed and graded assignments. We will assign them a seat when they enter the classroom.

Job Opportunities

Grading and teaching assistant

  • We are looking for assistant.
    Please send us your resume.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon!