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About the Center


WELCOME TO THE Kumon of Austin - Circle C

Instructor: Usha Jotwani 
Phone: (512) 796-9661
Email: [email protected]

Monday:  3:00 – 7:00
Wednesday:  3:00 – 7:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 1:00

Our MISSION is to create a learning environment where critical thinking skills are nurtured so that each child gains tools to develop solutions to root problems.Ultimately, we strive to cultivate in our students the ability to take charge of their own learning.

Usha Jotwani is the certified Kumon instructor and owns the Kumon Center of Austin - Circle C. She has been a Kumon instructor since 2003.

The program is designed to help a child develop their abilities regardless of their current academic assessment. Through individualized instruction, we allow students to progress through concepts step by step so that each concept is fully understood and mastered.

Compared to other tutoring programs where information is taught to achieve short term gains (getting through homework and tests), Kumon takes into account the entire learning experience of the student. 

The Kumon program is well designed in that it allows students to develop critical reading and comprehension skills steadily through progression of the levels. Each level builds upon the previous ones, allowing students to develop decoding and processing abilities that are crucial to fostering critical thinking. 

She has seen how much progress many of our Kumon students have made on the STAAR tests as the program is geared to long term learning.

As the instructor, her goal is to facilitate students to think independently and critically by building on the foundations as they go through the program.Students who have a facilitator will have a sense of achievement for a job well done. 

Here’s why:

  • They will become aware of their own strengths and weakness

  • Independent learning focuses on the process not simply the goal

  • Passion and curiosity will cement learning

  • Achieve internal satisfaction

I can’t do all this great work by myself. I have excellent staff to help me work with your children at every age and grade level—our assistants love working with children and are students mostly from the University of Texas pursuing degrees in Education, Math, Science and English. They are trained Kumon assistants and work hard to support your child’s specific needs. 

Every single day, I witness the Kumon program positively impacting myriad children’s lives, and observe them gain more self-confidence and trust in their academic abilities.     

Price and Fees

Monthly Fees: 
Early Learners: $160 / month
Others: $150 / month

One Time Fees:
Placement Test:  Free
Registration fee:  $35
Materials fee:  $30
Deposit: $150  ($160 Early Learners)
*Deposit will be applied towards the 12th month of enrollment.


Completing homework daily is necessary to succeed in Kumon. If, for any reason, homework is not completed, please bring any unfinished assignments to class, so that homework can be reassigned.

If you let us know in advance, we will provide work for the absent period. Please call us at the phone number listed above, or email us at the email address above to make arrangements. Absent student’s work will be placed on the front door and will remain there until the morning of the next class day.

Please check that your child has completed his/her work daily. Home grading is required so that corrections can be made immediately, and so that students stay on track. We are happy to show you how to correct your child’s work, and you will be provided with an answer book.

If you ever have any questions, please call us at any time or let an assistant know during class that you need to talk to an Instructor, and we will set up a mutually convenient time after class. We conference with students’ parents on a regular basis, but can always schedule additional meetings.

When entering the center, students pick up their Kumon folder, containing their individual study plan. Class work and new homework will be exchanged with completed assignments. Students should then find a seat and begin the day’s class work. When corrections and class work are completed, graded by an assistant and corrected, students should check out with one of the Instructor before they leave. Parents are responsible for their child while at the Kumon Center; it is difficult to monitor a child’s whereabouts once they have left the classroom.