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About the Center

Class Hours

  • Mon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Tue: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Wed: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Thu: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Fri: 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Office Hours

  • Mon: 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Tue: 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Wed: 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Thu: 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Fri: 9:00am - 12:00pm


Welcome to Kumon Math and Reading Center of El Dorado Hills Town Center! For more than 60 years, Kumon’s after-school academic enrichment program has helped millions of children achieve success worldwide. We strive to instill in children the desire to achieve and the motivation to learn on their own. Whether your child is seeking enrichment, needs help catching up or is just beginning his or her academic career, Kumon is designed to help him or her develop a love of learning.

Students advance through the program at their own pace. Our emphasis on individualized learning helps your child become focused, motivated and self-reliant. We monitor each child’s progress to ensure comprehension before moving on to a new concept. With a strong academic foundation, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, your child has the potential to achieve whatever he or she desires.

The Kumon Math Program is a comprehensive curriculum that develops the necessary skills to help children progress from counting through calculus. For more information about the Kumon Math Program, click here.

The Kumon Reading Program begins with basic phonics and progresses all the way through advanced reading comprehension. For more information about the Kumon Reading Program, click here.

Our Center Mission: Through individualized instruction and curriculum based on the proven Kumon Method, we strive to empower students to reach their full potential and build a strong foundation for life-long success so that they can positively impact their community and the world.

Price and Fees

Monthly Tuition:   $140/subject ($130/subject for 2-subject enrollment*)
Enrollment Fee:   $50 (one-time)
Material Fee: $30 (one-time)


Kumon Math and Reading Center Of El Dorado Hills Town Center
4390 Town Center Blvd, Suite 110 ∙ ElDorado Hills, CA 95762 ∙916.467.6151 [email protected]
�   Tuition per subject is $140.
�   The enrollment fee is $50.
�   The materials fee is $30 (fee waived with donation of 5 books from the RRL list)
�   Refundable library book deposit is $20 (deposit waived with RRL book donation)
�   Discounts Available (ask for details)
�   Tuition at Kumon of El Dorado Hills Town Center is collected either via credit card or electronic funds transfer. Your account will automatically be charged on the 15th of each month.  (Checks and money orders are not accepted.)
�   There is a $10 penalty fee for insufficient funds or credit card rejection.
�            You can hold or stop the EFTs and credit card charges simply by notifying Kumon by the 20th of the current month to be effected for the following month.

�   Students are allowed a period of absence not to exceed one calendar month per calendar year. (“Absent” means that no worksheets are assigned.)  Students reported as absent for more than one month in a given calendar year will be considered un-enrolled students,and the registration fee will be assessed when re- enrolling. Also, such students will forfeit any accumulated Kumon bucks and start with a zero balance should they re-enroll. (Note:  Dual-subject students would have to be absent for more than one month in all subjects concurrently for this policy to apply. Students remaining enrolled in at least one subject will not be affected by this policy.)
�   The above rules also apply when students transfer to another Kumon Center and are absent for 30 calendar days from the previous attended Center.
�   Attend class during appointed times on Mondays & Wednesday between 1:00 – 6:00 pm or Tuesday& Thursdays between 3:00 - 6:00pm.
�   Study on a daily basis.
- It is critical that Kumon work is done daily, and not all at one time,after several skipped days. This is central to the successful Kumon Method.
�            Return completed homework,as well as incomplete worksheets, to the Center,so that the Instructor can evaluate and plan each student’s work. Such individualization is what sets Kumon apart from a regular school curriculum.
�            Parents should encourage their children to study responsibly and consistently, and ensure homework assignments are timed and completed.
-  Parents are strongly encouraged to home grade students’work, if possible, as we feel strongly that daily feedback and correction of work helps students to progress more quickly and smoothly through the program.  Please ask the Instructor for home grader training and answer books.
�   Parents should provide praise and positive reinforcement.
�   Kumon is not tutoring and is not meant to be a “quick fix.” Becoming a better learner is an ongoing process that requires daily practice and disciplined study habits, as well as the continual acquisition of new skills and concepts. Enrollment in Kumon is a long-term commitment.
�    Study year-round, even during summer and winter vacations.
�     Inform the Instructor in advance if your child is unable to attend a session, and make arrangements to obtain his/her daily assignments—since make-up assignments are not provided.
- Please call or email the Instructor before 1:00 of the class day that your child will be absent from the Center. When picking up your child’s work due to an absence,please bring in completed homework assignments.
- If the student needs work beyond the next class due to vacation,appointments, etc., you must give the Center at least one day’s notice so that appropriate lesson plans can be made and the work can be prepared for you to collect. Please strive to provide Center staff with as much notice as possible when you are planning on going on vacation.
�  Kumon of El Dorado Hills Town Center is not a day-care center. Center staff members are not able to supervise waiting children. We do not provide child care services.  Parents and guardians are advised that each child’s study session varies in length according to the time it takes to complete the day’s assignment. If, in the parent’s or guardian’s determination, a child is not old enough to go to and from the Center on his/her own, the parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring that any child stays on the premises.
�  Parents/Guardians of pre-Kindergarten students are required to remain at the Center while their children are in class.
�  The parent/guardian shall be liable for any damages and injuries caused by their child to other persons and the parent agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Kumon North America, Inc.and its Instructors. The Instructor is not liable for any Kumon student outside the Center facility before or after the student leaves the Center.
� Parents are asked to stay in the waiting area.
� We strive to maintain a quiet working environment, free of distractions.  Siblings of students must behave appropriately in the waiting area. Please conduct lengthy phone conversations outside of the Center.
�  Parent Consultations are available by appointment, outside of class hours.
� Each month read the Center newsletter, which will contain special announcements, tips and information for parents.
�  Copyright—The Kumon worksheets are copyrighted material,subject to U.S. copyright law.  Any reproduction (including photo copying), reuse,or distribution of the Kumon worksheets is expressly prohibited.  Violators will be liable to the fullest extent of the law.
I agree with the above statements and would like for my child to be enrolled in
Kumon of El Dorado Hills Town Center.