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About the Center

Class Hours

  • Wed: 4:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Fri: 5:00pm - 8:00pm


Welcome to our Kumon Math and Reading Center of Nashua. For more than 50 years, Kumon’s after-school academic enrichment program has helped children achieve success worldwide. We strive to instill in children the desire to achieve and the motivation to learn on their own. Whether your child is seeking enrichment, needs help catching up or is just beginning his or her academic career, Kumon is designed to help him or her develop a love of learning.

Students advance through the program at their own pace. Our emphasis on individualized learning helps your child become focused, motivated and self-reliant. We monitor each child’s progress to ensure comprehension before moving on to a new concept. With a strong academic foundation, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, your child has the potential to achieve whatever he or she desires.

The Kumon Math Program is a comprehensive curriculum that develops the necessary skills to help children progress from counting through calculus. For more information about the Kumon Math Program, click here.

The Kumon Reading Program begins with basic phonics and progresses all the way through advanced reading comprehension. For more information about the Kumon Reading Program, click here.


Center Operation

Students are expected to come to class at their scheduled time slot. Students who arrive late will be unable to work in the Center and instead will be asked to turn in homework and pick up new assignments. In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to study, we request that only students enter the Kumon classroom.

It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the instructor if a student will not attend class. Class attendance is a vital part of the Kumon Program. We prefer to introduce new concepts in class, so our students have the opportunity to ask questions. It is also our opportunity to observe students so we can make the best possible lesson plan specific to every student’s needs and help them achieve their goal. If a student is unable to attend class, please notify us and schedule worksheet pick up.

Home Grading

Home grading is a mandatory part of Kumon study. It is the parents’ responsibility to accurately grade and summarize the student’s work.  Answer books for home grading are available for Math level 3A-J and Reading levels AI-L. Solutions manuals for Math levels K-O are also available. When a student moves to the next level, parents are expected to exchange the answer book from the previous level with the next one. Replacement fees of $5 - $10 will be charged for materials lost or returned in unusable condition.


When going on a vacation, parents should complete an ‘Advance Notification of Absence’ form at least one week prior to the absence. Work would be prepared for the students to take along.

Communication with Parents

The Center Newsletters will be e-mailed to parents monthly. Progress Reports are provided at the end of each quarter. Progress Days are held semi-annually. Emails, phone calls or notes are welcome, as needed.

Holiday Schedule

Center calendar is posted at the Center. National holidays and NH School vacation schedules are followed. Work is assigned for the holidays and closure notices are posted, as needed.

Snow Storm Policy

In case of a snow storm, you can check about the closure of our Centers on WMUR-TV (Channel 9) or at their website We are listed under school closing as Nashua Kumon Center.

Job Opportunities

Assistant Instructor

  • Posted: Friday, March 16, 2018
  • Kumon Math and Reading Center of Nashua is seeking part-time Assistant Instructors who enjoy helping students achieve academic SUCCESS. We are searching for bright, motivated, friendly,and QUALIFIED individuals with EXCELLENT math and reading skills and a desire to help students reach their full potential in a fast-paced team-oriented environment. This is an excellent opportunity for high school students, college students, retired educators, and people who are willing to make a difference in a child’s educational career.

    Work Hours:

    ·        Wednesday 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

    ·        Friday 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


    If interested in instructing kids ranging from preschool to high school, please contact us at:

    Phone: 603-897-6194

    Email: [email protected]


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