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What About Kumon 

Kumon of Myers Park 

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We’re often asked about what makes Kumon different than tutoring. Or for that matter, what makes Kumon of Myers Park such a unique space for students and families. How much time do you have? We know families appreciate our convenient location, friendly and committed staff, but that’s just part of the story. Honestly, we feel it’s not one thing but many that make Kumon of Myers Park part of so many success stories.  

Kumon is about the basics. 

Learning confidence, stamina, and good study skills don’t happen overnight. They’re cultivated over time by learning foundations in reading and math that consistently build on one another. What’s that look like? Read what we’ve learned about why better readers make the best math students! 

Kumon is about good habits. 

Posture, penmanship, neatness, accountability; simply put, these are life skills. Kumon is about helping develop the personal discipline it takes to make them second nature. Mastering them— along with consistent home grading and corrections — are integral to success in Kumon.

Kumon is about success over the long term. 

It’s much bigger than getting the answers right on today’s homework — although that’s a great short term goal! Kumon is about learning why mistakes were made, learning from them, and avoiding them in the future. It’s about building that confidence that comes from independent learning. 

Kumon is about commitment and convenience.  

We get it. The older and more involved the student, the more difficult it may seem to fit Kumon into the schedule. That’s the beauty of the daily work, and our three day after school schedule that’s not “one size fits all.” If you’re willing to commit to the process, we’re willing to get creative and convenient to make Kumon work for you. 

It’s about accessibility. 

For our part, we’re committed to being readily available to you and your student. The center is open three afternoons per week, and staff or I am always reachable by phone or email to answer questions, offer direction, or encouragement.  

As always, Kumon is about developing life-long learners who can problem solve beyond the classroom. We invite you and your student to write your own success story, too. Please visit us on a class day to see what our Center is all about! 


Ms. Jas 

Kumon Instructor since 2010 

Kumon Parent since 2006 

Kumon Student for LIFE!

Price and Fees

Monthly Tuition: 
Math or Reading: $150
Both Math and Reading: $290
*no sibling discounts 

One time registration fee: $50 
One time materials fee: $30

Please reach out to us to learn more about what we offer to maximize your child's learning for a successful academic year. 
Text: 704-327-8839 

We aim to do the following for all of our students: 
Master the curriculum 
Develop stamina and endurance to work for longer 
Develop work skills to work efficiently, independently and accurately 
Improve handwriting and overall neatness
Develop strong critical thinking and problem solving skills 
Develop techniques to strengthen test taking and long writing assignments