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Center Updates

Virtual Classes Available

Offering a lot more now than just twice a week sessions.

*compare our services with any other center around the area.

In-center classes as well as 5 Zoom sessions per week

at the same price !!


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MONDAY 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

THURSDAY 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

SATURDAY 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


MONDAY 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

TUESDAY 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

THURSDAY 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

FRIDAY 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

SATURDAY 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Congratulations to our students who got accepted into the best high schools 

Isha Tyagi ( BCA)

Riyashi Varia ( BCA ) 

Arnav Patel ( BCA ) 

Ria Kamat ( BCA )

Giovanna Cugini ( Paramus Catholic )

Congratulations to our program completers!

Ari Kamat - Math Level Completer (Level O)

Ari Kamat - Reading Level Completer (Level L)

Armaan Shah - Reading Level Completer (Level L)

Pranay Moorjani - Reading Level Completer (Level L) 

Our most recent reviews!


A proud parent says:

With great joy I would like to share that ** has been selected to represent her school in a STEM project which will be arranged virtually across the tristate.

She is the only student of Grade 1 of her class who got selected for this opportunity. I would love to thank the entire Kumon team and yourself to catapult her to this level. We are really overjoyed.


One of our proud parents says:

Hello Harpreet, 

I hope that you and your family are all healthy and well. I just wanted to let you know the status of ** as she had initiated a good part of her academic achievements with your Kumon program. She has recently committed to attend Northeastern University in Boston this Fall 2021 for Biochemistry and Medical Research. She had gotten accepted by several great schools, but she really wanted to attend this on.

I must thank you for getting her started on how to properly think through problems, analyze her information and articulate her thoughts. I still remember when you first took over the Kumon Center in Hasbrouck Heights, we were ready to leave the program. You asked to give you a chance to show us what you could offer our child in educational training. We accepted and after just a month we understood that you had captured our daughter's attention and shaken her to realize that learning could be fun. She was challenged but she also became confident and independent in her studies. This was due to your incredible skills in teaching and mentoring your students as well as your staff, and that helped us be better working with her at home to continue that education. It was the best decision we could have made for our daughter. 

Now she is very independent and looks forward to venturing out as a young adult in the world at large and is not held back what "she could have done", rather what "she can do"! Thank you again for being part of our daughter academic and personal success.


One of our moms is very happy with her daughter's progress this year, she says:

Hi Ms. Harpreet,

This morning we received an email from her school teacher and told us that ** went beyond their Math expectations for 3rd grade. Last year, September, they put ** to Math intervention because according to their assessment she needs help. Now, ** is the one teaching her classmates in Math intervention class!!


One of our moms whose son got accepted into BCA says :

Hi Ms. Harpreet!

I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to share with you that ** got accepted into both BCA and BT. His foundation of Math got stronger at your Kumon center. Thank you for personalizing the study plan that fits best for each student and always encouraging them to do their best.

Thank you!!

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We are also proud to announce that our student SANDLI SINGH has been offered admissions at WEST POINT for the class of 2024

Apart from doing well academically , she was a varsity swimmer at her school , the school student ambassador, school newspaper editor , traveled all over the world for volunteer work



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I am proud of all of my Kumon students.

During this unpredictable time of COVID-19, all of our students are working diligently everyday with discipline.  They are staying on track with their study skills.

Kumon is providing them a structure which all of us need during this difficult time.
Hats off to all of my students !!
When this will be all over , these are the ones who will come out shining through all this.

A big hand of applause to the Kumon parents too !! They should definitely give themselves a pat on their backs for helping their kids to stay on track , motivating them from time to time while fighting through this crisis themselves. 
How can a child of such a parent not succeed in future?

So no matter what the times are , it is a WIN-WIN for Kumon families because of their spirit of determination , focus and hard work , and the most important of never giving up when it gets tough.

Ages 3 plus Come see how Kumon can benefit your kids

At the orientation, you'll find out how Kumon's unique approach to learning can help your kids:

  • Master math and reading, often helping them earn their best grades ever
  • Build study skills such as confidence, focus and work ethic
  • Reduce homework stress and test anxiety

Your kids will complete a placement test that will give you:

  • Valuable insights into where they stand in their learning
  • A recommended progression path that shows what your kids can achieve in their first six months of Kumon

The instructor will prepare an individualized lesson plan for your kids and support them as they progress through Kumon.

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