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  • Mon:
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  • Tue:
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Our most recent reviews!

A parent wrote on September 11th, 2023:

Since more than 4 years I am taking my older daughter to Kumon who is now in 7th grade. I have nothing other than praises for resilience and diligent staff under Mrs. Harpreet. Mrs. Harpreet is phenomenal. Kumon helped my daughter routine so much scheduled it increased her focus in academics and sports. After seeing the constant growth of my older daughter, I started my younger daughter Kumon. She never used to sit at one place for more than 10 min now she does both English and Math which takes her 1 hour and I see so much improvement in her work each day. Kumon routine makes her very disciplined and improves her grades in school. All I can say all the effort to take my kids twice a week is all worth. As a parent I would give 10 stars to Mrs. Harpreet and her amazing way of making Kumon interesting for kids.

A parent wrote on May 6th, 2023:

Both my daughters' learnt math here for several years. The elder one now assists Mrs. Kaur in helping other children. Altogether it has been a great experience and they both progressed to advanced levels. Mrs. Kaur is quite attentive to each child and systematic in her approach which provides for structured learning.


A mom wrote:

"Kumon Center at Hasbrouck Heights and Mrs. Harpreet...Means a lot for our Family. As a Fidan family we have 3 boys. Our boys going to Kumon Center Math and Reading.Mrs. Harpreet has a very strong personality to teach kids how to do their own work.* Our first boy went Kumon center with Mrs. Harpreet for 6 years. He was always getting High Honors Roll. Even he was getting AP Classes in high school and getting college Credits when he was in high school..and he get in GW University with full scholarship. He graduated with complete success.

*Our middle boy went Kumon center with Mrs. Harpreet for 6 years.He will be graduating in June from middle school.Since he is with Kumon he is having high honors Roll every semester. And he will be in Honors Classes in high school.

* And our third boy going to 6 grade. He is benn with Mrs. Harpreet since second grade.I been watching him how he is changing.He is doing very well and understands all he is doing. And he is also getting High Honors Roll every semester...

Thank you Kumon!!!!

Thank you Mrs. Harpreet!!!!!

A parent wrote on Feb 1st, 2023:
"The Kumon Math and Reading Center in Hasbrouck Heights is an excellent resource! My children have gone there for years and have benefited greatly from the discipline and education Kumon provides. We initially turned to Kumon when one of my children was not doing well in 2nd grade and facing the possibility of being held back. After joining Kumon that winter, the grades dramatically improved and ultimately passed onto the next grade. Today, that child is an honor student and member of the National Beta Club (high honors). All of my kids are doing amazing in school today and I thank Mrs. Kaur and Kumon for giving them the skill set they need to succeed."

A dad wrote on Jan 11th, 2023:

"My daughter is going to Kumon since kindergarten and now she is in 4th grade. She is improving day by day Ms. Kaur is excellent teacher and she works hard with all the students love to have her as a teacher."

A mom wrote on Jan 10th, 2023:

"The best Kumon center. My child improved her math and reading skills so fast. Teachers are very responsive and attentive. Recommend to everyone."

A mom wrote this email (8/16/2022):

Good afternoon,

Kindly accept this email as appreciation for all of your support in helping M** fill lots of leaning gaps she had due to Covid transitions.  Please be informed that M** took her placement test and she successfully passed, therefore she is officially a third grader.  
Once again words cannot express how thankful M**i and I are for all the assistance and kindness thru this process. 


My 3 kids attended this center and I can’t thank enough Ms. Harpreet for her professionalism and attention to my kids . Your money will be well spend /kids improve their math skills almost right away . We chose this center based on great online ratings and so glad we did . I hope this review will help someone to select wisely good center for their kids .


This was the best decision ever. My daughter learns how to read and add when she was 4 and she is always the best of her class. The center was always so informative and MrS Harpeet was always available for us and helped us all the way. Thank you so much for everything!!


My son started at Kumon HH from a very young age. Ms.Harpreet is a brilliant and passionate teacher, who wants her pupil to get the best out of the kumon experience . She is very experienced and appropriately tailors the learning experience based on the needs of the young mind. I was very impressed with the way she kept the kumon running through the pandemic through virtual session, home delivery etc. I highly recommend Kumon@HasBrouck Heights , Miss.Harprett and the whole team to anyone looking to enroll their precious young ones in the well structured Kumon curriculum.


Ms. Harpreet is awesome! She deeply cares for the success of the children. My daughter always tried her best and worked hard because she wanted to impress Ms. Harpreet. I recommend the center if you are looking for consistency and success.


My experience with Kumon is fantastic, the center is run very well, they work with you if you have any concerns, and they value every single student/family. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient specially with the little kids. My son and my daughter have improved so much academically and I owe it all to Kumon.


A parent emailed:

Hello Ms Harpreet

We want to share that the boys are doing a lot good at school we see that they have couple of mistakes due to carelessness, but we see an improvement in English and math. Yesterday y*** scored 100% in his math fractions.

Just wanted to say Thank you for working out a different plan and always accommodating all our concerns and coming out with a different plan

Thanks, and we very much appreciate all your help.


I drive 4 miles to take my kids to this kumon center. I would suggest this place to everyone. My kids are doing so well in school under Ms Harpreet’s guidance. Thanks


mi hija esta estudiando desde hace tres años en este lugar y veo que ella ha aprendido mucho con la intructora Miss. Harpreet


I also wanted to share the great news that L*** scored a 1510/1520 (perfect math) on his PSAT and 1590/1600 on his SAT (perfect verbal). I credit much of his academic success to his diligent participation in Kumon all through grade school. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Thank you so much. I have to tell you that Spencer has adhd and he can’t sit still. Due to this this teachers in the beginning for the past couple of years have discounted him. A substitute on the second day of school even grouped him with the learning specialist just by eyeballing him and he received kindergarten math sheets. He obviously blew through those and was subsequently moved but It’s always a challenge to try to tell the teachers his level without seeming crazy. This year they are not only seeing his level and confidence in the classroom but he took the map assessment and blew it out of the water. Now he is enrichment groups and is respected. 
We do not anticipate any further questions of his ability. 
Thank you for all your help pre-pandemic through the present to give Spence the tools and confidence he needs to feel successful.


A proud parent says: 

I would like to share my experience as a Kumon mom in both Japan and here in NJ. My kids did Japanese and Math when were in Japan and I liked the Kumon method very much. When we moved to USA, the biggest issue for us was, they didn't know much English and we didn't know about the gaps in their Math curriculum because they had to study in 3 schools in 3 different countries in their immediate year of school, before we moved.

I was so glad to find Kumon in our neighborhood in NJ and we immediately started Kumon for both my 5th grader and 2nd grader who were in the last two months of their academic years that time.

Ms. Harpreet recommended us to begin with a level which they were very comfortable with and we agreed. I'm so happy to share that within a year they were able to exit from the ESL program in the school and by the end of the 2nd year in Kumon, both of them became 2 levels above their school grade level.

And as a current employee here, I know how each student is guided, observed and examined individually. I think it's a great program to build up confidence in kids to work independently if they can commit to work for 30, 40 mins daily, because that few minutes worth a lot!!


A proud parent says: 

I would like to share here that my son got accepted into both BCA and BT. His foundation of Math got stronger at Kumon center. Thanks to Ms. Harpreet, the instructor of North Kumon center for personalizing the study plan that fits best for each student and always encouraging them to do their best.


A proud parent says:

With great joy I would like to share that ** has been selected to represent her school in a STEM project which will be arranged virtually across the tristate.

She is the only student of Grade 1 of her class who got selected for this opportunity. I would love to thank the entire Kumon team and yourself to catapult her to this level. We are really overjoyed.


One of our proud parents says:

Hello Harpreet, 

I hope that you and your family are all healthy and well. I just wanted to let you know the status of ** as she had initiated a good part of her academic achievements with your Kumon program. She has recently committed to attend Northeastern University in Boston this Fall 2021 for Biochemistry and Medical Research. She had gotten accepted by several great schools, but she really wanted to attend this on.

I must thank you for getting her started on how to properly think through problems, analyze her information and articulate her thoughts. I still remember when you first took over the Kumon Center in Hasbrouck Heights, we were ready to leave the program. You asked to give you a chance to show us what you could offer our child in educational training. We accepted and after just a month we understood that you had captured our daughter's attention and shaken her to realize that learning could be fun. She was challenged but she also became confident and independent in her studies. This was due to your incredible skills in teaching and mentoring your students as well as your staff, and that helped us be better working with her at home to continue that education. It was the best decision we could have made for our daughter. 

Now she is very independent and looks forward to venturing out as a young adult in the world at large and is not held back what "she could have done", rather what "she can do"! Thank you again for being part of our daughter academic and personal success.

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Your child/children will complete an assessment that will give you:

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