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Class Hours

4:00pm - 7:00pm
10:00am - 3:00pm

Center Updates

Free Registration offer 10/1/19-11/15/19.

 Kumon Center of Ladue

2019 Center Closing Dates

Kumon will be closed the following dates: 
11/27/19 - (Wednesday) Thanksgiving 
11/30/19 - (Saturday) Thanksgiving 
12/25/19 - (Wednesday) Winter Break 
12/28/19 - (Saturday) Winter Break 

Summer Kumon Ladue Tutors and Helpers (2019)

In addition to local high school students, these are the college students working at the center during the summer:

Alyssa Despotis (Washington University in St. Louis)
Leda Liang (Washington University in St. Louis)
Glen Morgenstern (Duke University)

Madeline Bale (Yale University)

Michelle Zhou (Washington University in St. Louis) 

Egret Jin (University of Pennsylvania) 

Anna Cui (SLU)

Philip Stanton (Colorado School of Mines)

Ahmid Rehmani (St. Louis University) 

Avery Zhou (Age 6) Passes F Test

Avery Zhou passed as Group 1 in the F Achievement Test as only a kindergartener. In the past 35 years, only 3 parents could pass this test in the center. 

Prices and Fees (2019) 

Registration Fee: $60

Monthly Tuition: $130/subject

Payment Method: Electric Fund Transfer (EFT) only. No more check/cash payment will be accepted. The New Authorization Form must be filed for January 2019 tuition. 

Transaction Date: 1st of each month is the date that monthly tuition is withdrawn from the bank account. 

Automatic Reauthorization: No action needed. EFT authorization is considered valid until a new authorization form is filed. 

Absent/Withdraw Notice: The current Absence/Withdrawal Form is replaced by the EFT Authorization Form. The form must be submitted 5 days prior to the transaction date (1st of each month). Kumon allows one month absence each year. Once any worksheets are checked out during a month, the student cannot be absent for the month, regardless if the worksheets are used or not. Any change of tuition payment must be directed by submission of a properly dated EFT Authorization Form with a marking of holding payment for one month absence and discontinue payment for withdrawing. 

Penalty for Refunding: $30/subject. If the changing Authorization Form is not submitted in time to stop transaction on 1st of the month, but is submitted by the 15th of the month, then $100/subject will be refunded by the end of the month. 

New Higher Level Math Tutor (2019)

Daniel Hoffman, a Washington University in St. Louis math major, will be helping out Kumon Ladue on Saturdays only. He is familiar with difficult math topics such as calculus, and will thus be helping the higher level math Kumon section.

Save $60 by Referral (2019)

Refer a family to the Kumon Center of Ladue, and save $60 if the family signs up and stays for 3 months! This offer is valid through January 31, 2017. You will find a referral form in your child’s "plastic.

Schedule a Conference (2019)

Please contact Dr. Kimura (314-993-9192) to sign-up for a 30-minute time slot to discuss student progress and any questions you may have concerning Kumon and your child's performance. 

Potential appointment availability: Mondays or Fridays between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. 

Two articles authored by Dr. Kimura concerning math education have been added to the Articles section of the Resources page. The articles by Dr. Kimura are entitled Why Not More Word Problems? and U.S. Math Education Needs a Paradigm Shift.

How to Enroll Your Child

Step 1
Call the center to book a free Parent Orientation and Placement Test for your child.
Step 2
Attend the Parent Orientation, and have your child take the placement test. Meet with your instructor to learn about Kumon’s individualized learning method, and review the results from your child’s placement test.
Step 3
Review your child’s progress goal plan. Based on your child’s placement test results, the instructor will create a one-year academic plan to help your child reach his or her goals.
Step 4
Enroll your child. Students will attend the center twice a week, and complete daily assignments at home. Your instructor will design an individualized lesson plan for your child that will be monitored, and changed as needed to be sure he or she is on track to reach his or her goals.
Step 5
Schedule your 30-day post-enrollment meeting. Your instructor will set a date to meet with your family after 30 days of enrollment to evaluate your child’s performance and ensure the program is going smoothly.