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Class Hours

11:30am - 6:30pm
11:30am - 6:30pm
9:00am - 1:00pm

About the Center


Welcome to our Kumon Math and Reading Center of Long Island City. For more than 50 years, the Kumon after-school academic enrichment program has been helping children achieve success worldwide. Our Kumon Center strives for the same success, motivating all of our students to perform at their highest potential. We strive to instill in children the desire to achieve more, a love of learning and the motivation to learn on their own.

Price and Fees


Registration Fee          : $50 (one time charge at time of enrollment)

Material Fee                 : $30 (one time charge at time of enrollment)


Math                           : $120.00 per month

Reading                       : $120.00 per month

Both subjects               : $230.00 per month


Sibling Discount          : $10 per sibling

Referral Discount        : $10 per referral


* $10 credit will be awarded after referred students stay with the program for 3 months. 


Late Fee                        : $15(tuition is not received by the 6th of the month)

NSF Fee                          : $30


*For any returned checks, the bank fee payment will be the responsibility of the parent and the student fee must be paid in cash for that month.


Replacement Fee        : $3   (Answer Book)

                                    : $10 (RRL Book)

                                    : $20 (Supplementary Learning Materials)   


*Students are allowed to take home Answer Books, RRL Books and Supplementary Learning Materials.  If items are lost, damaged or not returned, students have to pay above fees in order to replace.   


Center Time                                                


Classes are held at the LIC center on


Tuesday    11:30 am – 6:30 pm

Friday        11:30 am – 6:30 pm

Saturday     9:00 am – 1:00 pm


One-subject students attend class for approximately            20 - 30 minutes

Two-subject students will attend for approximately              45 min – 1 hour


*Time may vary depending on the student’s level, age, and the worksheets assigned.


We request to schedule one 30 minutes session for one-subject students and two 30 minutes sessions for two-subject students for days students attend.  In order to maintain a smooth operation, please try to come to the center during selected sessions.  If students are not able to come to the center during selected sessions due to any circumstances, please notify the Center as soon as possible. 


It is important that students arrive on time to complete their assignment.

We recommend that one-subject students arrive no later than 30 minutes before closing and that two-subject students arrive no later than 1 hour before closing.


Pre-school students will be asked to commit to a specific time.


Class Attendance


Class attendance is a vital part of the Kumon program. Observing students at work in class greatly assists in the planning process for that student. We also prefer to introduce new concepts in class so we may assist your child in reaching his/her Kumon goals. If a student is unable to attend class, please call the Center by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the class. This will allow us the time to make adjustments to the student’s plan and prepare the work to be picked up.


Center Calendar


Although Kumon is a year-round program of study, we do observe some national holidays as well as a break at the end of December. Specific dates of Center closings will be posted in the parent waiting area.


                                                Center Holidays Observed


Martin Luther King, Jr.                        July 4th                         Thanks Giving Day

Washington’s Birthday                        Labor Day                    Winter Break

Memorial Day                                     Columbus Day             (approximately one week)



§  For your convenience, we offer monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment and credit card options.

§  The 1st month tuition payment, registration and material fees are due at the time of enrollment.

§  If you intend on discontinuing Kumon study, 30 days written notice is required. (Please refer to the Absence Policy for more details.)



Absence Policy


A student who, for whatever reason, does not take any Kumon materials in a given month, but who plans to resume Kumon study within one month, is considered "absent."   An "absent" student is considered "discontinued" being absent for more than one month in a given calendar year.  If a "discontinued" student resumes Kumon study, the registration fee will be assessed at time of re-enrollment.  Also, such students will forfeit any accumulated Cosmic Club points and start with a zero balance should they re-enroll.   The student must take another placement test in order to determine the “Just-Right” Level.


*Multi-subject students would have to be absent for more than one month in all subjects concurrently for this policy to apply. Students remaining enrolled in at least one subject will not be affected by this policy.




Kumon homework is assigned 365 days per year unless requested in advance in writing at least one week prior to the date of the adjustment.  Parents should complete an “Absence Notification Form” at least one week prior to the absence.  Please indicate the class days to be missed and any adjustments required for the students’ work.  We encourage that students do not take break from their regular Kumon routine on long trips.  Forms are available in the parent waiting area, and should be placed in the “Communication Box”. 




The Instructor determines the amount of worksheets assigned to each student.  It is important that the student be given the appropriate level and amount of work.  To accomplish this, students are observed carefully while working at the Center.  Parental feedback regarding student’s work is always welcome.  Please contact the Center the day before class to discuss any adjustments or concerns regarding your child’s Kumon study plan.  This will ensure that any necessary adjustments can be made prior to the next class. Please keep in mind, however, that an adjustment to a student’s workload is at the discretion of the Instructor.





Students should return completed homework sheets on scheduled class days.  On class days, the student completes the planned class work and, after grading (and making corrections if needed), the worksheets are left at the Center to be reviewed by the Instructor and then recorded in our database.  Worksheets are returned to the student after they are reviewed by the Instructor.


RRL Books / Supplementary Learning Materials Return Policy


Students are allowed to take a book or Supplementary Learning Material to home. These items will need to be returned within one week. New books or materials will not be given out unless the previous ones are returned. If books and/or Supplementary Learning Materials are not returned within one month after they were borrowed, a $10 ($20 for Supplementary Learning Materials) replacement fee will be assessed for each unreturned item.


Communication with Parents


Kumon information will be sent to the parents in the child’s homework pouch regularly.  In addition, there will be a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of Center activities.  Parent conferences will be held throughout the year. You may request a meeting at any time to discuss your child’s Kumon progress.  Please note, however, that meetings will not be scheduled during class time.



Classroom Rules


In order to ensure that each student receives the maximum learning experience during each Center Visit, we have established the following classroom rules for students and parents.


Student Rules


1)      Do not bring food and/or drink into the Center.

2)      Walk at all times while in the Center.

3)      Use a quiet, classroom voice while in the Center.

4)      Respect other people’s belongings.

5)      Clean up after yourself.

6)      Be considerate of the right of others to learn.

7)      Treat all students, staff, and the Instructor in a respectful manner.

8)      Discuss any problems you are having with the Instructor.

9)      Remember to try your best at all times.



Parent Rules


1)      Make class time a priority each week.

2)      Wait for your child outside of the main classroom.

3)      Respect that Center Class hours are focused on the student.

4)      Use a quiet, classroom voice while in the parent waiting room.

5)      Communicate any concerns you are having with the Instructor (outside of class hours)