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About the Center


Students enrolled in Kumon can expect to benefit in the following ways:

Students Become Self-Learners 

We believe every child is capable of amazing things at the Kumon Center of Oak Lawn - Northwest. Not only will our highly qualified and friendly instructor help your child master math and reading concepts, but he or she will learn how to learn

Experience Continuous Learning

Kumon’s instructor provides a customized lesson plan for each student. By practicing every day, they develop powerful learning skills that make completing their regular schoolwork a breeze – making it easier on you and your child!

Skills That Last a Lifetime

Our Instructor will uncover the unique strengths each child has within them. Not only will your child develop strong academic skills and a passion for achievements in school and extracurricular activities today, but also in his or her future. Give your child the opportunity to learn skills that will last a lifetime! 

The Center’s Philosophy

Instructor Muna Hamdan feels that her center can be likened to a theater production, with students taking the leading role. The Instructor is the director, motivating students in their learning, while parents work "backstage" to support and direct their child. The center's support staff are the “audience”, witnessing students excel in ways parents may not have thought possible. 

Come in soon to see our philosophy in action!

Price and Fees

Monthly Tuition:


One-Time Fees at Registration: 

Registration Fee: $80

Materials Fee:  $30