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About the Center


Welcome to our Kumon Math and Reading Center of Plano - Carpenter Park! Our Center has been open since March 1989, and was the first Kumon Center in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Good, open communication between parents and staff is the key to your child’s success in this program. Please call the Center Director, Sharon Tung, at 972-900-7171 before class hours of Tues. 4-7 PM and Sat. 9 AM – 12 noon. You may also call during the office hours of 9 AM-12 noon and 1-3 PM, Tuesday through Friday.

Allow 20-30 minutes spent in class for one subject students and 40-60 minutes for two subject students. These time allotments should be made before Center closing time. All students must be picked up before the Center closing time on class days. Please notify the Instructor in writing for any change to class center dates. If you need extra homework for absence or vacation, please notify the Instructor 48 hours in advance.

Parent-Teacher conference must be made by appointment outside of class hours. No conference is allowed during class time and no parents are allowed in the classroom.

NO cell phone usage or any noise is allowed in the center. 

It is very important that you, as a parent, do have the responsibility to establish Kumon study as a regular routine and a long-term commitment. Please make sure your child has completed their Kumon homework on a daily basis with name, date, starting and ending time properly written on the first page of the worksheets.

Please realize that "home-grading" is important and very advantageous for your child’s Kumon study. Please grade your child’s homework correctly and consistently. Your child’s progress will be much faster. This is the mandatory part of Kumon Program.

Tuition is due 30 days in advance. One month advance payment (deposit) is required at time of enrollment. Check, cash, or auto-payment for next month must be received by the end of current month. All fees are nonrefundable. No partial month tuition is allowed. After the 1st of the month, a $20 late fee is charged. $25 fee is charged for returned check.

A 30 days advance written notice of extended absence is required to halt enrollment for a given calendar month. Absences are strongly discouraged as it may interfere with progress and program success. A minimum 30 days advance written notice is required to withdraw. A notice of intent to withdraw does not remove the obligation to complete payment in full of the initial enrollment package and/ or account balance. Should one desire admission at a later date, one must re-apply and will be bounded by the current enrollment package rate and policies that govern at that time.

If you are taking a vacation or an absence from the center please inform us one week in advance so we can plan accordingly and have the homework ready for you to take on your vacation or your absence. If your child is sick, please come in and exchange their worksheets or call to have them posted outside for you to pick up. It is important that students stay home when they are ill to prevent further spread of illness to other students and for them to have a quick recovery.


Kumon Math Program