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About the Center


Welcome to the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Prospect Heights! Kumon Math and Reading Centers develop the untapped potential of each and every child by building confidence and developing skills in the fundamental building blocks of math and reading. At Kumon, we believe that every child has the potential to learn far beyond our expectations. It is the job of our Kumon Center to encourage each individual child to want to learn, to enjoy learning, and to be capable of studying successfully in the future.

Admissions and Enrollment
Kumon of Prospect Heights enrolls students on a month-to-month basis. Although there is no long-term commitment, it is highly recommended that families at our center keep their children enrolled for a minimum of six to twelve months in order to fully take advantage of the program and see some great results.

Tuition is $185 per month for ONE student taking only ONE subject. For a student enrolled in TWO subjects, the monthly tuition is $350. There is also a one-time $50 registration fee and a one-time $30 materials fee per student, which is collected during the first month of enrollment. A refundable security deposit of $185 per student is also charged upon enrollment. Therefore, your first payment per subject is an additional $265 more than your monthly tuition amount. Tuition is due BEFORE the beginning of the month. For example, If you enroll in January, that month's tuition was paid at registration. February's payment is then due PRIOR to February 1st. If payment is not made by the 1st of the month, you will be charged a late fee of $30 and your child may be discontinued from the program and the security deposit will be forfeited.

Kumon of Prospect Heights accepts monthly payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). To enroll in this payment option, you must complete and sign the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form and provide us with a voided check from the account you wish to have debited. Monthly tuition will automatically be debited by the 1st of each month (i.e. January tuition will be debited January 1st), or the previous banking day, should it fall on a weekend. Bounced payments or insufficient funds via EFT will be assessed a $20 bank fee. If the payment ends up being late, a $30 late fee will also be assessed for payments received after the 5th of the month.

Since we supply materials during vacation, monthly payments are made during your vacation, even if your child does not use the materials. There will be no “tuition interruption” or “hold” during a vacation.

Withdrawal Policy
If parents wish to stop enrollment at Kumon of Prospect Heights, parents must declare their wish in writing 30 days before the beginning of the next month. Advanced written notice of intent to withdraw is required in order to give us sufficient time to cancel your account and avoid any unwanted charges. Should you desire readmission at a later date, you must reapply and will be bound by enrollment and tuition rates and policies that govern at that time.

Transfer Students
In the event that you decide to transfer to another Kumon center, we will still require 30-day written notice. During this period, you should contact your future instructor, as s/he will likely ask you to attend an orientation at the new center. The registration fee will be waived, provided your child’s attendance at the new center begins promptly. Students who return/re-enroll after being reported as absent for more than one monthly period in a given calendar year will be assessed a registration fee.

Class Attendance
One-subject students attend for approximately 20-30 minutes; two-subject students attend for approximately 40-60 minutes. Times will vary depending on the student’s level, age, worksheets assigned, and the presence of new concepts. We close promptly at 7:00 PM. One-subject students should arrive no later than 6:30 PM, and two-subject students should arrive no later than 6:00 PM.

Center work is a vital part of your child’s Kumon program. Observing and listening to your child greatly informs the instructor’s lesson-planning. We also prefer to introduce new concepts during center days so that we may assist your child in reaching his or her goals. Consistently picking up work without staying for center sessions is discouraged.

We understand that all children become ill from time to time. Please let your child get some rest at home. If your child is feeling well enough to complete Kumon work, please come to the Center to pick up his or her new worksheets and to drop off the completed worksheets.

If you know your child is unable to attend the center for class, please call or e-mail us so we can prepare the work for you to collect. If work is not picked up, your child will be marked absent until his/her next regularly scheduled session. There are no “make-up” days. We do not grant a “leave of absence” to students.

Kumon Student Schedule
Kumon students attend the center for 20-30 minutes per subject. In order to maintain an ideal Student/Assistant ratio, we will ask you to commit to a window of time. There is flexibility, but we ask that your child attend during a specific timeframe so that we can use our resources to the benefit of all children and avoid over-crowding.

Kumon student sessions are also scheduled in order to allow ample time for students to complete the day’s activities. Dual-subject students sign up for two consecutive blocks. Please arrive on time for your child’s session. Since seating in the Kumon program is limited, if you are more than 10 minutes late for your child’s session, we may ask that the work be completed at home.

Blue Kumon Homework Pouch
The Kumon pouch travels between home and center. At your child’s class sessions, s/he will receive work until the next class day. During every class session, s/he should come to the center with the Kumon Pouch in hand. The completed homework will be collected for evaluation. Work is dated for specific days and should be done on the day it's assigned. Pencils, erasers and a sharpener should also be kept in the pouch as a way for your child to learn about responsibility and the value of being prepared.

Weekly Worksheet Assignments
Kumon Prospect Heights students are responsible for completing Kumon worksheets six days a week. Most students attend the center twice a week, while others may only attend once a week. On your child’s class day(s), s/he will take home worksheet packets to complete at home until the next class day. For example, Monday-ONLY students will complete Monday’s packet at the center and take home Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday packets. Monday/Thursday students will complete Monday’s and Thursday’s packets at the center and take home Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday packets. Your child may be assigned corrections or missed assignments to be done for Homework. If neither is assigned, s/he will be assigned a regular homework assignment. On center days, there is no work to be done at home since they will be doing classwork, taking an Achievement Test, or doing supplemental activities in class.

Your child must return to the center with the blue Kumon homework pouch containing: 1) all previously completed/graded/corrected homework, and 2) any incomplete homework packets, which allows us to make any necessary adjustments to future work.

Worksheets should be organized at home before returning to the center. Please help your child arrange homework by subject (blue spine = Math, red spine = Reading) and date order. This will go a long way in helping your child take ownership of his/her own Kumon experience.

Students complete one assignment per day in the order in which they are assigned, to maintain the integrity of the lesson plan.

Please remind/assist your child to write name, start time, and end time on the first page of each homework packet. (There is no need to time each page; we look for the total time taken to complete the packet.) Students earn one Kumon dollar for each homework packet that meets these criteria.

Incomplete Homework
We expect our students to come to class with all of their homework 100% complete, and with all mistakes corrected. Students who come to class with homework that is incomplete or not corrected will be assigned a “corrections-only day” for homework. Your child’s Kumon plan is to complete work seven days a week, with one day off for corrections or make-up work. Please help your child keep up with the lesson plan by encouraging him/her to complete work daily. For those times when your child is unable to complete his/her work at home, the work will be reassigned for a new date and the lesson plan will be adjusted to account for the change.

Timing Homework
Your child’s Math and Reading homework assignments must include name, start time and end time. This helps us plan appropriate work and an appropriate workload for your child. (If your child is too young to write name and times on his/her own, please note it for him/her.) Only homework packets with name and times are rewarded with Kumon dollars. All worksheets (Math 3A & Reading 2A and above) have a “standard completion time” (SCT) goal. Work can only be assessed if times and percentages are recorded properly. (Refer to the Home-grading Brochure for how to accurately mark your child’s work.) Without completion times, student work will not be evaluative and may therefore need to be reassigned.


Since Kumon is a home-based supplemental education program, our center firmly believes in the benefits of home-grading and thus recommends that parents participate daily in grading their child’s work, although this is not a requirement. The purpose of grading worksheets at home is to allow students to receive prompt feedback so they can make corrections on a daily basis. Home-grading allows you to monitor your child’s work more closely, giving you insight into his/her daily academic enrichment process. Please refer to the Home-grading Brochure, available at the center, on how to accurately mark your child’s work.

Parents should check the accuracy of Kumon homework daily. We prefer you do this as soon as your child completes the assigned worksheets. Use a red pen to mark and score your child’s work. If needed, the center will loan you an answer book for the level your child is currently working in. By correcting mistakes while they are fresh in his or her mind, your child learns immediately from mistakes. You should also check to see that your child has written his/her name, and the beginning and ending times on the first page of each packet.

Children should correct their homework mistakes before bedtime. Never let your child go to bed with an error in his or her head! When that is not possible, your child should correct the old packet before beginning the next day’s packet.

Avoid explaining errors or correcting them yourself. To achieve Kumon’s goal of independent learning, your child should figure out corrections on his or her own. If your child has difficulty self-correcting, please note that on the packet to inform the center of this. Children should practice proper correction habits early on and analyze each error before erasing any work.

Study Room Area
In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to study, we request that only students enter the study room. Brothers, sisters, and parents are asked to stay in the waiting area. Students should leave their iPods or electronic games in the waiting room or in their backpacks.

Food and Snacks
Due to airborne food allergies, we can no longer allow food of any kind in our study room or waiting area – no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Center Waiting Area
In an effort to guarantee each child’s safety, we ask that Kumon parents/guardians remain onsite to assure their children’s arrivals and departures. Parents and guardians are encouraged to wait in the waiting area.  If you deem your child old or responsible enough to come and go on their own, that is your responsibility.

Kumon Recommended Reading Library (RRL) Books
Reading students in Early Learner levels 7A~3A are sometimes assigned books during center visits. Some of the books are meant to be read aloud by an adult to model fluency and instill a love for reading, while others are for children to “read” on their own. We are limited to checking out one book per student.

Kumon Incentive Program
Since Kumon is “extra work,” we reward students with Kumon Dollars. Students earn one Kumon Dollar for each completed homework assignment returned with name, start time and end time (must be home-graded and corrected, when applicable). Students are given a reward once they have collected 100 Kumon Dollars. Prizes include Kumon gear, simple toys and gift certificates to local businesses or restaurants.

The Role of a Kumon Parent
Home-grading each day is the most important and beneficial thing you can do to help ensure your child’s progress in Kumon. For those of you with students in the general curriculum, this means accurately grading your child’s work daily, and making sure all corrections are made. For those of you with Early Learner students, this means working with your child to complete each assignment.

Set up the routine: Establish a predictable Kumon time & place, and create a quiet study environment. This will help support your child in developing good study habits, discipline, independence, and work completion. If you need clarification on how to home-grade or work with your child at home, please ask -- we will be happy to answer your questions.

Holiday/Vacation Schedules
Vacations or “days away” from the Center should be pre-planned with Kumon of Prospect Heights by using the Vacation Form, available at check-in and online. Please leave a completed form with an assistant at least one week in advance, so that we have time to prepare your child’s packet(s) carefully. Please plan ahead. Kumon students continue their studies when on holidays, vacations, or long trips. There is no tuition refund during vacations. Unfortunately, same-day requests for vacation worksheet adjustments may not be honored.

Center Closures
Kumon of Prospect Heights follows most of the New York City Public School calendar for vacation closings. The center is also closed on major holidays. Students will have homework instead of Center work on these days. Our complete list of closings for a given school year are posted in the waiting room and available upon request.

Snow Procedures: Kumon of Prospect Heights will follow the school closings of the NYC Public Schools system. We will put an outgoing message on the Center’s voicemail and update our website with emergency closure information. If schools are operating on a delayed opening, we will be open at our regular hours.

Class time is reserved for instruction and observation. Please alert an assistant at Check-in about any notes with your feedback on homework so that we can address it during your child’s visit. Alternatively, you may e-mail or call with questions and concerns. To schedule a conference with the instructor, please email or call for an appointment. We are available for parent conferences on Wednesdays from 3pm to 8pm and Saturdays from 8am to 2pm. Parent feedback regarding student work is always welcome!

Price and Fees

The fees for enrollment at the Kumon of Prospect Heights are as follows:

- Monthly Tuition per student = $185 for ONE subject and $350 for TWO subjects students. Families enrolled in more than one subject will pay $175 per subject instead of $185.

- Registration is $50 per student. There is also a $30 materials fee per student. Both of these fees are one-time fees and due at registration.

- A refundable security deposit equal to one-month's tuition ($185) is also due at registration.


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