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Center Updates

Free Registration offer valid 2/1/21-3/31/21.

Virtual Classes Available

Kumon VS COVID-19

Kumon is currently running classes on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. We are open in person with all CDC guidelines in place. There also virtual classes available if you are not comfortable with you child attending Kumon in person during this pandemic. Some guidelines we have in place:

    • Masks must be worn upon entering the center and at all times during classes 

    • Student temperatures will be taken and recorded in a temperature log

    • Kids will not share any of the utensils so we ask that they have pencils, erasers and sharpeners in their Kumon pouch

    • The soles of the shoes will be sprayed upon entering the center

    • Hand sanitizer is available and will be used upon entering and exiting the center

    • Homework should be dropped off at the entrance of the center and will be graded upon being disinfected

    • Classes are by schedule only and each class if followed by a thorough cleaning of the work area (table and chair) of each student. Schedules should be indicated through the link below:

    • Classroom door and main entrance door is disinfected every hour

    • Bathrooms are closed and will only be available for emergency situations only

    • The parent waiting area is also closed in order to obey the CDC recommendation for social distancing and avoiding “crowding and congested areas”.

    • If you have visited any of the places declared as “high-risk” on the CDC website, please either send a negative COVID test result or change your classes for the two-week quarantine period to online. We will work with you to find convenient times and make sure the student does not miss anything.

    • IF your child suffers from the flu or anything else that may cause him to cough or present similar symptoms to COVID, please change to online classes until the symptoms subside in order to protect all the other children at the center.

    • By signing this center policy you acknowledge the risks presented to coming to the center and will be responsible for adhering to the recommendations highlighted above in order to reduce these risks.

    OPEN IN PERSON: MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. (Last student comes in at 5:30 PM)

Ages 3 plus Come see how Kumon can benefit your kids

At the orientation, you'll find out how Kumon's unique approach to learning can help your kids:

  • Master math and reading, often helping them earn their best grades ever
  • Build study skills such as confidence, focus and work ethic
  • Reduce homework stress and test anxiety

Your kids will complete a placement test that will give you:

  • Valuable insights into where they stand in their learning
  • A recommended progression path that shows what your kids can achieve in their first six months of Kumon

The instructor will prepare an individualized lesson plan for your kids and support them as they progress through Kumon.

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