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About the Centre


Welcome to the Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Beaumont!

For more than 60 years, Kumon’s after-school academic enrichment program has helped children achieve success worldwide. We strive to instill in children the desire to achieve and the motivation to learn on their own. Whether your child is seeking enrichment, needs help catching up or is just beginning his or her academic career, Kumon is designed to help him or her develop a love of learning.

Students advance through the program at their own pace. Our emphasis on individualized learning helps your child become focused, motivated and self-reliant. We monitor each child’s progress to ensure comprehension before moving on to a new concept. With a strong academic foundation, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, your child has the potential to achieve whatever he or she desires.

The Kumon Math Program is a comprehensive curriculum that develops the necessary skills to help children progress from counting through calculus. Click here for 
more information about the Kumon Math Program.

The Kumon Reading Program begins with basic phonics and progresses all the way through advanced reading comprehension. Click here for 
more information about the Kumon Reading Program.

Price and Fees

Please contact the Instructor.


Class schedule:

  • Students spend approximately 20-40 minutes per class at the Centre.
  • To maintain a good staff-student ratio, please ensure that your child comes at their scheduled class time.

In-Class Expectations:

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the classroom with the exception of water bottles. 

  • The classroom is a self-study area. Please respect other students and maintain a quiet study environment. Please use a cell phone outside the classroom.

  • Classroom is only for students, and parents are required to wait in the waiting area or in their car.

  • Students on traditional paper-based worksheets are responsible to bring their Kumon pouch with their homework, pencil, and eraser to their class.

  • Students on Kumon connect (digital worksheets) are responsible to bring their Kumon pouch, personal tablets and stylus pen to their class. All devices must be charged and ready for use. 

  • After finishing their work, we kindly ask that students quietly wait for their parents in the waiting area.

Parent Communication:

  • Parent-instructions is critical to the success of the student's learning. Please feel free to book a meeting with the Instructor for more guidance or, if you have any questions about your child's progress.
  • During class we keep our focus on the students. We are available for phone calls during non-class hours.

Absences and Vacations:

  • We encourage students to take assigned homework with them during holidays and seasonal breaks. For any planned or unplanned absences, we kindly ask you to notify us at your earliest convenience. We will be happy to make an arrangement for homework pick-up.
  • Kindly note that Kumon North America permits students to be absent a maximum of one month per calendar year, if required. Absences longer or more frequent than this will result in the student being discounted from the program. Registration fee may reapply upon return.

Centre Closure:

  • We encourage year-round study; students will always be provided homework for any days we are closed.
  • We offer classes throughout the year, except if class falls on a statutory holiday. 
  • Any closures will be announced ahead of time, and homework will be given in advance.


  • Parents who wish to pause or withdraw from the program, or transfer to another Kumon Centre, must provide written notice to [email protected] before the 5th of the current month. [For example: If October is the last month, notice must be provided by October 5th]. 
  • If student takes a break for two consecutive months in a calendar year, the registration fee is reapplied upon return. 
  • If you have any concerns about your child’s progress in the Kumon program, we encourage you to discuss them with us prior to discontinuing.

Job Opportunities

Kumon Assistant / Tutor

  • Looking for someone qualified and trained in Early Learning, and enjoys working with children 3 - 7. Email resume to [email protected]. Part time - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays between 4 - 8 pm. 

Kumon Assistant - Tutor / Grader

  • Looking for someone to work in a dynamic environment with strong reading and math skills and enjoys working with students age 3 - grade 12. Email resume to [email protected]. Part time - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays between 4 - 8 pm.